Monochromatic casual

I've been busy these days, need to make a new passport and for this I had to go to Minsk, the capital of Belarus. For my short trip I wore this casual outfit in black and white: skinnies, a white cotton blouse and a linen jacket.

Minsk is a very beautiful city full of old churches, modern buildings, fashionable boutiques and unique sculptures.

Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary

Holy Spirit Cathedral

Church of Saints Simon and Helena (the Red Church)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! 
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  1. Hallo Olga,
    Your white tunic is absolutely stunning! I love the shape and the lace fabric and how you added the red necklace. Absolutly great are also your pics from Minsk, what a wonderful town and how interesting for window-shopping.
    Sabine xxx

  2. That's such a pretty tunic, it looks great on you and shows off your amazing legs in those black skinnies! Those photos of the Minsk shops and churches are enchanting.

  3. Beautiful city and churches. Love your shoes!

  4. Thank you for showing us a bit of Minsk. Beautiful churches and interesting sculptures. Those are some crazy headdresses on those mannikins in the windows!
    I like the layering of the short jacket over the long, lacy tunic. I have a thing for bell-shaped sleeves and the 3/4-length of the jacket sleeves shoe the tunic sleeves off nicely.

  5. I love seeing other cities, and thank you for these wonderful pics of Minsk. You look fabulous in your black and white outfit, so chic! xoxo

  6. great pictures! very cute look! xo

  7. You look great ... very different there than what we are used to seeing on you! Very tailored with the girly blouse ... fabulous shoes. I'm sure your passport pic was great, even though your outfit didn't show. Must have been hard to stop smiling cause you knew how cute you looked!
    Really enjoying the travel photos ... such great places!
    Thank you again.

  8. I love the jacket worn with this folk style top! Plus the red necklace is just perfect with your hair. Have I mentioned what pretty hair you have?

    Enjoy seeing the travel photos. The floral headdresses in the windows are spectacular.

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Great look Olga. I love the top, and all the fab pics.

  10. I love the look! Very casual and comfy but elegant too!! And the city seems so beautiful! I hope to see it one day =)


  11. I always love seeing pictures of where you are. The churches are magnificent and the weather looks crisp and refreshing! I love the way you've layered your black and white pieces, and added in the strappy look of the shoes. It's all lovely with your gorgeous red hair!! How long will you be there? Are you traveling again soon? I'm ready to take off with you! :-)

  12. Your outfit is sexy and classy at the same time! Pure love! I've been to Minsk when I was a little girl. The city looks stunning!
    Hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  13. You look so elegant in these photos! Love the combination of suit blouse jacket with romantic, so beautiful! Thanks for the pictures so pretty in that city! Impressive! I´m your newest follower.

  14. Thank you for posting about Minsk! You look great!

  15. oh you look so sophisticated and pretty! that white bohemian blouse is a dream! and also the pictures of the city are great!
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!