Amethyst pendant and buying gem stones online

A few days ago I received a parcel from India with an amethyst pendant that I ordered online from GemPundit. What I like about this pendant is 1) the stone itself which changes its colour from bluish purple to reddish lilac depending on light and angle of viewing

 2) the pendant has quite a large loop which makes it very versatile. I mean I can wear it with different chains, even with the thickest I have.

Or I even can create something interesting with three chains of approximately same length but of different texture.

As I've mentioned before in one of my posts amethyst derives its name (which comes from the Greek and means "without intoxication") from the idea that if an amulet made from this purple stone was worn to a celebration or a party the wearer would be protected from drunkenness. Aristotle explains this mysterious power in the following way. During a drunken orgy, Bacchus, the god of wine, seized a beautiful young nymph called Amethyst with the intention of ravishing her. To save her the goddess of chastity transformed the nymph into a gleaming jewel in Bacchus' horny hands. This sobered him up in an instant and made him feel deeply ashamed. To atone, he gave the stone the beautiful purple colour of his favourite wine and swore that from that day onward anyone wearing such a stone would be protected from his drunken ways.

Late 19th Century Amethyst Bug Brooch, Silver, Garnets, Pearl 

Amethyst is known by a variety of names, including the Bishop's Stone, the Beneficent Stone, the Elevator, the Stone of healing, the Stone of Peace and the stone of Love (it is said that St.Valentine wore it constantly). It is believed that amethyst can prevent loss of energy, protect against weakness in the immune system, guard against neuralgia, blood clots and cancers, defend against stress and violence, calm fears, cure hysteria and, when taken to bed, defeat insomnia.

19th century amethyst and gold suite comprising a necklace, cross pendant-brooch and pair of earrings, English c.1840

Amethyst was well known to the ancient Egyptians who placed the stone on the body of the deceased. Many specimens of heart-shaped amethyst have been recovered from the tombs of the pharaohs. In ancient Rome the stone was largely employed for intaglio engraved gems. Medieval European soldiers wore amethyst amulets as protection in battle in the belief that amethysts heal people and keep them cool-headed.

Amethyst beetles earrings, 1880

Those who've been reading my blog for some time know that I have weakness for gem stones and gemstone jewelry but I never ordered anything from this category online. Until now. What influenced my decision is that the site I found offers Free Lab Certificate with every purchase in which the stone's weight, measurements, country of origin are stated and of course it certifies authenticity of the stone. Here it is the certificate that I've got along with the amethyst pendant

Besides, they provide free shipping to many countries, including United States, United Kingdom, India and Nepal for orders less than IRs 10000 and for orders above that - free shipping worldwide. They sell loose stones as well as ready-made jewelry pieces. It is even possible to order some custom designs with the stones you choose.
I am happy with my new purchase. So if you are thinking about buying gem stones or jewelry online but don't know which site to chose, check GemPundit.


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  2. So useful, thank you! You mention the pendant changes color depending on viewing angle- are you also fond of alexandrite? I never get tired of seeing the color change if I walk from the kitchen (fluorescent light) over to the window.

  3. I love the way you wore three chains for your pendant. :) Lovely stone by the way and its colour is very nice :)

  4. Beautiful stone! I'm happy for you that you've found a trustworthy online store that sells authentic gemstones. I usually buy my jewelry supplies at riogrande.com/.

  5. Beautiful pendant!

    Amethyst is one of my favourites stones, I love the purple-blue color of it. I will have a look at the shop where you bought it.


  6. Amethyst makes the most beautiful jewellery!

  7. Beautiful necklace, the color of amethyst is so pleasing. Great how you can wear it with so many different necklaces. Interesting history about this stone.

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  8. Beautiful necklace, love that color.

  9. Its such a beautiful color.....love it

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  10. A wonderful stone and a beautiful color! Matches excellently with the color of your hair.

  11. Precious jewel, dear friend! Love the story behind it, really, I love mythological legends, this makes it look even more beautiful jewel. Happy weekend.

  12. Very pretty new necklace. I especially love it with that second chain.

  13. I absolutely love the pendant and how you dressed it up with different chains. It is also my birth stone. I also like the interesting and educational facts you posted in your article.
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

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