Yellow sapphire: a blend of style and elegance

One of my friends here in Nepal got engaged during my holiday in Belarus. When we met a few days ago the happy bride-to-be showed me proudly her engagement ring. It was not a common diamond solitaire ring (as I would expect). Instead the ring consisted of a medium size yellow stone surrounded by two hearts. So sweet...The yellow stone turned out to be a sapphire. She asked her boyfriend to buy her a ring precisely with yellow sapphire.

this ring looks of very similar design to that of my friend's

I'm sure that most of you if asked about the colour of this precious stone would have answered "blue". Indeed, the deep royal blue is the most popular colour for sapphire and has been so for eternity. However, this beautiful gem comes in a myriad of other fascinating and attractive colors: from pink and orange to green and yellow. The stone really offers itself in a range of shades.
When I asked the woman "why yellow sapphire after all?" she confidently gave me several "because-s". Firstly, because it is her birth stone (she was born in September) and wearing it as an engagement ring will bring her prosperity, peace and happiness. Secondly, "lemon zest" is among top ten "in trend" colours now and yellow sapphire makes a good match for this one. Thirdly, because she didn't want a common diamond ring but craved for something unusual and different.

Art deco engagement ring, 1920. Yellow sapphire, platinum

Well, yellow sapphire is indeed unusual enough and very attractive ranging in colour from light-toned lemony to rich golden yellow. Up until the end of the 19th century it was known as "oriental topaz". In India yellow sapphire is often referred as "Pukhraj", and is believed to bring great wealth and prosper to new marriage and business ventures. In Hindu tradition wearing yellow sapphire is also recommended to those boys and girls who want to get married but are not lucky in finding their life partner. Besides, it is is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits and ghosts.

A Yellow Sapphire and Gold Elephant Brooch, Cartier

According to gem therapy (that is really popular in India and Nepal), yellow sapphire provides relief from fever, cough, rheumatism, mouth's foul smell, impotency, gastritis and kidney disease. But in this case to achive results the stone must be of really good quality - flawless and clear. A true, genuine yellow sapphire should never appear dull, cracked from inside or be milky in it's appearance or asymmetrical in shape. A way to determine the genuineness of the stone is to place the gem on a white cloth and expose it to the sunlight: the genuine stone will give a pure lemony yellow reflection on the cloth.

Gold and yellow sapphire brooch circa 1900ю Designed as a gargoyle with an open mouth, set with a cushion-shaped yellow sapphire, suspending a natural pearl drop

The prices and value of yellow sapphire vary depending on the size, quality and treatment of the individual gemstone. Unheated yellow sapphires with good color saturation and excellent clarity are the rarest and most valuable.

 An antique yellow sapphire and diamonds pendant, late 19th century

The yellow sapphire is a perfect choice, an ideal gift for your loved ones. The stone is mounted in rings, earrings, brooches and pendants, mostly in gold but I think it looks no less attractive in sterling silver or platinum. The gemstone makes for an exquisite buy, whether the purpose is to gift it, wear it as an accessory or an engagement ring or to own it for astrological benefits. Evidently, the stone is a versatile one.


  1. Very interesting!!! Yellow sapphires looks just as beautiful and enchanting as the blue ones!!!! I wonder how the green ones look.....

  2. Very interesting!!! Yellow sapphires looks just as beautiful and enchanting as the blue ones!!!! I wonder how the green ones look.....

  3. Beautiful stone! Thank you for this information, very educational.

  4. very interesting info and the ring!
    and I have to admit I love it when girls get unusual ring as an engagement. I personally got a garnet as it's my fave stone.

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  5. Yellow sapphire is truly elegant, but orange Citrine or garnet is a good alternative too! You can get many more like this when you do online jewellery shopping

  6. What about the influence of yellow saphires in health?


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