Casual outfit in polka dot

On Saturday we went on picnic organised in honour of upcoming Teej - Nepalese Woman's day. It took place at the Gokarna Forest Resort, the former private Royal hunting grounds of the Kings of Nepal. This unique resort is situated within short distance of Kathmandu but it really feels like a world away: no noise, no pollution, and so much greenery. A nice place to relax from the stress of the city life.

I wore this simple outfit in polka dot, both the top and the skirt are cotton and were bought several years ago in Moscow. Both have been my favourites. I like the top's green colour and the open-shoulders neck cut. The skirt has really lovely design combining prints of polka dots of different sizes.

The hat is a new one bought recently in Belarus. And the amber bracelet is a birthday gift from my mom. 

The resort has a number of very impressive trees, as this gigantic Ficus it the shade of which a several episodes of the "Little Buddha" were shot.

It was a real pleasure to have a walk among those beautiful trees

A part of this tree's trunk resembles me the head of a dinosaur. Can you see it too?

Among the greenery of the Gokarna Forest the most beautiful golf course is set. It is said to be the finest in the South Asia.

No photos of me on the spot as MH was too much busy celebrating the Woman's Day with other men.
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  1. happy teej!!! it is such jyous occasion for married woman specially and young girls too.... loved ur cute look

    btw do check out my new post
    stay in touch'

  2. oh my, I love the last picture! The place is just so peacefully and beautiful. I love the tree as well. It's just beautiful there. I cant imagine when the sunlight of sunset or sunrise dancing its light in the tree in must be so beautiful and lovely!

    Anyway, you look so much fun in this outfit. I love the green polkadot shirt and with the lovely hat.

    Thanks for sharing and happy Woman's Day!

  3. Beautiful jungle photos...love the trees!!! I also see the head of a dinasaur...cool :)...you look very nice in this outfit....love the way you accessorized it with a belt, hat and a very cute black bag :):):)

  4. Hi Olga. Oh my, you look absolutely beautiful. The hat is too cute. Do I love the hat? Yes, Yes, Yes! Your bracelet is amazing. And the bag is just awesome. Love everything.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  5. oh i love those polka dots and the skirt it has something from flamenco! beautiful !

  6. Olga, what a spectacular outfit! You did an impossible thing: combined black and brown. It almost never works. Nicely done!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  7. Such a feminine outfit and a little bit retro (probably because of the hat). Love it!
    The resort is so green and the trees are spectacular! I wish I could visit too :) Have a wonderful week!

  8. What a wonderfully green and serene setting. I thought at first that you were in Gokarna in Karnataka but no, they are nothing like each other!
    Love how cute you look in a hat and the mix of spots is pure art! x

  9. Olga, this is an extraordinary pattern mix! An extrordinary cute of course. You look great with the hat.
    Your pictures are wonderful, the tree is fantastic and actually looks like a dino. Years ago I had a ficus in my living room. Incredible that such a giant is from the same family.

  10. Dear Olga, you looks great, I'd say you prepared your look according to the landscape ... as vegetation green shirt and skirt in nude, like wood from trees. Love all that spectacle of Mother Nature!

  11. I am so happy to have found your beautiful blog. The photos, your gorgeous outfit and your spectacular hat are incredible. Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack!

  12. A fun, summery outfit, it looks perfect for your outing. The trunk definitely resembles a dinosaur's head, xoxo.

  13. Lovely contrasting polka dots!

  14. That last line about your husband was too funny. haha
    Pretty polka dots. Perfect for a picnic in a beautiful spot.