Multi-coloured beads necklace, lonely kitten and giveaway winner

After rains that lasted a few days and brought coolness with them, it is sunny and warm again, even hot in the sun. So, still I can wear my summer clothes. A very simple outfit today: light white blouse, harem pants that you've already seen me wearing, and multi-coloured beads necklace.

On my way to the supermarket today I saw this little creature just in the middle of the road: meowing, shivering, scared. Could I leave her like that and just go on with my shopping plan? No way.

I bathed her (she was full of fleas), cleaned her festering eyes, fed with great difficulty. Now, I have a BIG problem: what to do with this baby? She even doesn't know yet how to eat milk from the plate and has no idea that meat is edible. And the main problem is that I'm leaving in a couple of days for more than a month. Trying to find someone who would want to take her but no luck so far...But still, I just couldn't leave her on the road...

And now it is time to announce the lucky draw winner of my pashmina giveaway. Congratulations go to Barbara Mizzoni from All my lives now. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Have a nice day everybody


  1. Love those beads, the whole outfit has a great relaxed vibe.
    Ooohhhhh! Kitten! Very tiny kitten... I do hope you find someone who can take care of her. That first photo of her curled up is just adorable. If I lived near you, I'd take her in a heartbeat (though my four cats would probably have something to say about that...) Xxxxx

  2. Congrats to Barbara!
    The little cat is so sweet. I hope so much that you will find somebody taking care for it.
    Your casual look is marvellous Olga. The cotton lace on the blouse is so fine and the pants are lovely patterned. Enjoy your last days of summer.
    Sabine xxx

  3. Those beads look fantastic, the whole outfit does!
    That kitten is adorable, thank goodness you spotted her and can nurse her back to health. I'd also give her a home in an instant, shame we live so far apart! xxx

  4. pretty necklace! Goes well with the blouse. You look gorgeous in this outfit!

  5. Oh my Olga. I hope that sweet little kitty will find a new and caring home pretty soon. Can't you ask a vet? Explaining that you are leaving in a few days time? OK now to you my love, you look gorgeous. Love the complete outfit and the necklace is just too cute.

  6. a) Your earrings are stunning. Your outfit looks so cool and lovely at once.

    b) What a beautiful kitten! I'm so glad and impressed at your kind heart that you rescued her out of the street. I hope that you can find a solution and a place to take her before you leave on your trip.

  7. Love your look...the beads necklace looks lovely paired up with those flowery earrings and flowered motif harem trousers :):):) The kitten looks very cute.....:):):)

  8. Oh Olga you heart is just so gentle it made me smile when you picked her to go shopping with you :)
    I love the earring! as always look great in your style.


  9. Aaahh.. you are so sweet Olga! I love the 'Aladdin' pants.. I wish I could find some here.. they look so comfortable and stylish too!


  10. great look! love the pants!
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    If yes let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)



  11. hey Olga u look so cute and pretty...beads are so colorful like ur personality

    Btw do check out my NEW POST
    Stay in touch

  12. The neckalce is beautiful!! And the kitty super cute!!


  13. such a cute kitten! and you look fabulous in those printed pants! <3

    Check out my latest post at the AX Paris Party! :)

  14. You're still in your summer clothes? Wow it must still be warm with you - and those harems are the perfect trousers to wear, so beautiful. As for that adorable kitten, well done you for rescuing her, sounds like you'll need to take her to an animal shelter. We have Cats Protection League shelters in this country, hope you can find something similar near you?

  15. Oh you are my kind of tender hearted soul Olga. We have found and rescued several cats that turned out to be wonderful pets. I to can not stand to see suffering. Can you keep this beautiful kitten? His markings are so unusual.
    You are looking fresh and lovely. Cute pants and your necklace adds a dash of color that is fun.

    blue hue wonderland

  16. those pants are so cool and look super comfy:)
    lots of love x

  17. you look gorgeous! i love those pants on you! and the little kitty is adorable, i really really hope you can find someone for her, i would fall for her in a second if i lived close:(
    happy halloween and good luck!!

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