M&M's fun world

We hadn't planned to visit this place but when we came across it accidentally we decided to pop in. The place looks like a theme park for M&M's. They say it is the largest candy store in the world with all sorts of merchandise spread over the building's four floors, everything being dedicated to M&M's: souvenirs, bed& bath, kitchen wears, stationery, bags, clothes and jewelry.

The store is big and colourful, with loads of fun photo opportunities. You can see M&M's characters recreating the Beatles Abbey road, M&M's-faced portraits of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, Newton and Shakespeare. And in the middle of the store there is a big red bus playing M&M short animations.

All is quite pricey in this store, and some things are simply ridiculously overpriced. No wonder I left empty handed. But still, it was fun to have a look at this place.

If you have small kids they will definitely love the place. If you are a M&M's fan or you yourself are still a kid at heart then too it is worth a visit.


  1. Fun store! Glad you had a chance to go there!

  2. How strange to have a shop dedicated to a sweet but it looks fun. Love that picture of you with the wall of colourful tees! x

  3. Who knew that M & Ms would have a large enough following to warrant an entire store.