Dress and accessories from the Museum of London collection

Museum of London was the first in Britain to publish a catalogue of its costume collection in 1933. There are over 24,000 objects in the collection, dating from the Tudor period to the present day, though you can see only around 60 complete outfits and 200 accessories on display in the museum's galleries. Here are a few interesting pieces that I personally liked during my recent visit to the museum.

A tiara front or comb mount, 1840. Made from stamped and pressed gold and set with a variety of coloured gemstones.

Pearl brooch, 1840

Brooch and earrings, 1850. Made of gold set with aquamarines, rubies and foiled quartz.

Chinese ivory fans, 1750-1820

Boer war victory souvenir fan, 1902

Egyptian-style evening dress, 1923

Silk crepe dress with glass beads, 1925

Pearly King suit, 1891-1900

Beatles dress, 1964

Watches dress from designer Husam el Odeh from the "Made in London: Jewellery Now" exhibition

Mirror dress from the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. The reflective plastic disks refer to the early 60s fashion for space-age influenced clothes, inspired by the launch of "Sputnik 1", the first artificial satellite in 1957.


  1. How wonderful, I'd wear most of those in a heartbeat! xxx

  2. Great post Olga! Thx for sharing. Love the mirror dress, although I won't wear it.

  3. gorgeous jewelry!!! It's real art! I wish I could make something like that :)

  4. Wow, the jewellery is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

  5. Such stunning jewellery, and the 1920s dresses are beautiful. xxx

  6. When I'm in London, I'm living right next to the Museum of London, but I have yet to get there. Thanks for the push. I would love to see these beautiful items you've shown first-hand.

  7. OMG, what a stunning look of Watches dress, such a precious dress, Great post Olga!

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