How to style a long-sided cardigan

This cardigan belonged to my daughter. She bought it because of the beautiful pattern. But then, she didn't find anything to wear it with. And gave the cardigan to me. I tried different variations to style it: with pants, with skinnies, with pencil skirt, with mini skirt. And I was not happy with the result. Because of the cardigan's long sides any combination just didn't look right. Until I finally tried it with this knitted dress. Right length, right colour. Made for each others I guess.

It is getting warmer here. Even going out like this I felt a bit hot during the day.

This beautiful pendant I found in London in a charity shop

The only flower in my yard at the moment 

Gigantic guavas are still ripening

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Hope you're enjoying your day!


  1. Very pretty! I like the tights and shoes, too.

  2. Nice combination of cardigan and that dress:-D:-D:-D you look very nice in this look!!!! ....probably spring is in the air in Nepal:-D in London it is sort of spring too, apart from the rain and the wind, we actually have some sunshine too;-)

  3. You persevered and found the perfect dress for the cardigan! I know what you mean, sometimes certain pieces are tricky to style, until you work it out, and then they shine! Gorgeous colours, and what a sweet pendant! xxx

  4. Growing up I used to have a guava tree in my mom's garden. I practically grew up on that tree! It was like there was no fun eating a guavas under the tree.. I had to have them on the tree! Anyway, love your sweater.. the high/low hem is pretty! good that you could share clothes with your daughter!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  5. I think you found the right dress for this sweater! Such a great color and pattern. I usually wear a sweater like this tucked up on side almost like a shawl or scarf. Have you seen this before?

    blue hue wonderland

  6. Beautiful outfit. The cardigan has an unusual cut -- looks great with the dress. I'm glad the weather is warming up in your corner of the world. Houston's weather is so unpredictable, one day feels like summer and the next day is like winter :)

  7. You found the perfect companion for the cute cardigan, Olga! I love the pattern. It looks a bit like the Norwegian sweaters. In any case you look fabulous in it.
    A look in your tropical garden is always amazing.
    Have a great week dear!

  8. You look gorgeus:) nice cardigan :)
    Hugs Beata

  9. Perfect combo Olga!! As you said, they are made for each other. Love the look on you. Chic yet casual! Gorgeous bag!

  10. It looks lovely with the dress - hurrah for gaining other peoples unwanted goods! I really love long cardigans, I find they have such a slimming effect on me!

    Corinne x

  11. Isn't it funny how some things wait and wait until their partner is found? I understand perfectly! It's a good thing you kept it because it's perfect with that dress. It does look like the warmer weather is coming! Enjoy. XXOO

  12. You've worn it wonderfully, those waterfall (?) tops are difficult yo style but yours looks lovely! Hoe pretty is that charity shopped pendant, great find! x

  13. oh what a beautiful cardigan, it reminds me of missoni;) and also that pendant is so amazing!