Floral print black dress and enameled jewelry

This weekend was quite eventful: I visited the International Fair Trade, the Jewelry Show, attended the Woman's day celebrations and one wedding party. This floral print black dress I wore to the Italian restaurant where the Woman's day was celebrated. The dress is from Wallis and I bought it two years ago. Still it is one of my favourites. I like the dress' simple cut, its bright floral print and of course the sleeves. They are partly made of chiffon and the chiffon's part is very wide and flowing and has slits.

To accessorize the dress I wore silver enameled pendant and ring, both made in Jaipur by Sankit family, National award winners in this jewelry technique. You can check their site and see their other creations. I really love this type of jewelry.

The Little Italy restaurant is one of my favourite here in Kathmandu. It serves only vegetarian Italian food but the choice of dishes is really big. Sometimes I drop in there just to have a dessert. They are amazing and their Chocolate bomb is one of the best desserts I've ever tried. And trust me, having a sweet tooth I have tried many.

The Gems and Jewelry Show was organised to promote designs of Nepali gold and silver ornaments in the international market. There were 24 stalls at the show displaying modern and traditional designs, mostly in gold with diamonds. Far too expensive for me but it was interesting just to have a look at them. I was especially attracted to stall displaying genuine ethnic jewelry pieces.

The coin necklace has coins with King George V portrait.

And this is a traditional mask decorated with semi-precious stones. A beauty, isn't it?

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  1. That first photo of you against the mustard-coloured wall is gorgeous, it's the perfect backdrop for your dress. Such a great shape and print, and of course the sleeves are a delight! Beautiful jewellery too, both yours and the pieces on display at the show. You sound as though you have been very busy with lots of fun activities, Olga! xxx

  2. This seems to have been a weekend completely to your desire. Gorgeous jewelry, fine food and you looking marvellously. The dress is amazing. It has a beautiful print and marvellous colors, that goes well together with your hair. I love particularly the trumpet sleeves.
    Have a fine week my dear Olga!
    Sabine xxx

  3. wow this dress was made for you! you look so absolutely amazing! yellow is a great color for redheads;)

  4. Such a pretty print on this dress and I love the colors. Cute shoes Olga, I've been looking for a pair like this. I love patterned dresses like yours, beautiful fit. The jewelry show look interesting to see. Such gorgeous things. I see some jewelry like this in galleries here in MN.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Beautiful dress. I especially like the sleeve style (chiffon embellishment and the shape).
    Gorgeous enameled jewelry pieces. Superb craftsmanship!

  6. Olga, you look fantastic! Great dress with such a vibrant print, and the sleeves - oh, the most unusual! I love your jewelry, so delicate and colorful. I bet this chщcolate bomb was a real bomb - it just looks so naughty!

    С 8-м Марта, Оля! Много счастья!!!

  7. Those are some fabulous pieces! reading your posts I realised that you attend parties and functions quite frequently, so it is only perfect to have some of these beauties in your jewel box! I don't accessories much but once in a while I do when it calls for :)

    From Dubai with xxxx
    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  8. That dress is gorgeous and it suits you very well! The silhouette, the colors, the floral pattern: fab!

    Wow, you did a lot and all interesting things, it seems. That jewelry is very ethnic and pretty.

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  10. The dress shipped quickly and even arrived over a week early. I am amazed and speechless! I never thought a dress ordered online for such little money could be this good.
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  11. Olga, that dress is just a beauty - I can see why it's one of your favorites. And the jewelry show looks like wonderful treats for the eyes. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  12. Seems you have fun weekend. :) I adore you that you like to explore things outside. The coin necklaces jsut amazed me. I love the sleeves of that dress, it looks edgy - beautiful.

    Anyway, thank you for the good point that you shared on my review book :)
    Have a great day!

  13. That sounds like my dream event! I adore that coin jewellery, I'd have wanted the lot!
    Love the drama of that wonderful dress on your gorgeous figure. x

  14. charming look! and what a great event! sounds soo cool!

    lovely hairdo here by the way

  15. Wow! (I say that so often with your posts!) Brilliant dress, in every way. Great styling. You could wear a bag and look great, but this is extra pretty.
    I'm so glad you've treated us to you photos there in Kathmandu. I now know it to be much more cosmopolitan that I'd imagined. Love every post of yours that I see.

  16. I love the sleeves of that dress!! And the pendant, of course, is gorgeous!