Cat-woman t-shirt for picnic in the hills

On Monday it was the first day of the new year here and so it was a day off. On this days the Nepalese like to go somewhere up in the hills for a picnic. And so did we. We went to a place called Kakani, it is at a height of 2073 m. The place offers cooler, fresher air and breathtaking views of the Himalayas...when the weather is sunny. Alas, at that day the sky was grey and gloomy and it looked like it was going to rain. So, no breathtaking views of the snowy peaks. Anyway, the place was nice and though the views were not that stunning they were pleasant enough to enjoy them.

Nothing special about my outfit here though I like this cat-woman t-shirt.

It was so strange to see these typical European flowers up in the hills of Nepal.

What else did we see in Kakani? A memorial commemorating victims of the 1992 Thai airlines plane crash.

Strawberry sellers

Guys travelling on the top of the bus for half of the ticket's price

It was a nice day out

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  1. It might have been a little misty but the views from the hills are still spectacular. Love seeing the beautiful colours the strawberry-selling ladies are wearing, and all the guys on top of the bus made me chuckle - no health and safety regulations going on there then! You looks relaxed and cool in your cat woman t-shirt, Olga! xxxx

  2. Всё равно красиво. :) I like seeing casual outfits, and your tee adds fun to the whole relaxed look... Thank you for glimpses into everyday life too - it's always nice, it's like I was there too. Just a little bit. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. В каком красивом месте ты живешь! The t-shirt is so fun! What did you do with your hair? Love your hair do!

  4. Those views make me want to jump on a flight over to you right now! Loving the locals celebrating their holiday and that crazy printed tee shirt you're wearing! xxx

  5. The view of the hillside is awesome! It reminded me a little bit of Taiwan: you can see all these homes tucked away into the crevices up and down the mountains there.

    Are the strawberries in Nepal tasty? They are wonderful in Japan, but in the States they are very large and red but dry and kind of tasteless. \= I call them food porn: grown just for appearance without substance.

    1. Strawberry here too is not so good, just like you described - appearance without substance. It is not juicy, no smell, no taste.

  6. Looks like a relaxing day, Olga. And wow, these vistas must be spectacular when sunny! You look pretty as always;-).

  7. A cat-woman shirt is the perfect tee for a cat lady like you. I love your casual outfit and I love the wonderful views from the mountains and the colorful pics of people. You are living in an impressive area.
    Happy Easter dear Olga!
    Sabine xxx