Ethnic outfit for ethnic theme dinner

On Monday a new year (2071 by the way) started here in Nepal according to the local calendar. On the Eve we went to celebrate to a Rana-era-inspired restaurant famous for its unique interior and delicious traditional food. For such a place I wanted to wear something ethnic. And chose these red Patiala pants that you're already seen (here) and a new kurta-vest set from Biba. When I saw it in their boutique, instantly I liked the vibrant purple colour of the kurta but the vest turned out to be simply irresistible for me.

I also love the details that the kurta and the vest are decorated with: cute buttons and metallic leaves. The silver Nepalese coin in the ring dates from 1934.

Actually in this outfit I looked more like a Punjabi lady not a Nepali. But whatever

The restaurant we went to is called Baithak and is situated in the building that used to be the horse stable of the Rana palace. Stepping inside was like travelling back in time to the 19th century, the beginning of Nepal’s Rana rule. The walls of the restaurant are lined with oil paintings of the Rana family, in another room there are numerous photographs of the members of the clan.

The waitresses are dressed in traditional costumes and the waiters - in the military costumes of the Rana period. A tika (red spot ) is put on the foreheads of the new comers and a local alcohol drink aila is poured from the traditional wine jugs and served in microscopic clay cups. While pouring the aila the jug is raised to a great height, about three feet up in the air, an art which tests the grace and skill of the pourer. The taste of the drink resembles that of a home-made hooch. I am not a big fan of that.

The restaurant offers courtly Rana cuisine coupled with an assortment of traditional Nepali dishes. The food is served on silver trays which was how the Ranas used to dine. The main course consists of a variety of small portions of different dishes: wild boar, sauteed spinach, black dal (lentils), potatoes and bamboo shoots, mushrooms, marinated paneer (cottage cheese), chicken and rice. 
During dinner traditional dances are performed.

After enjoying traditional Nepali meal, trying the aila and watching the performers we headed to another place and finished the evening with continental food and Belgian beer.


  1. The restaurant and the food look amazing, and so do you! Red and purple is such a beautiful combination, and the detail on the waistcoat is stunning. xxx

  2. I was about to say Punjabi too! Your color chosen of outfit is so playful :)

  3. Love your ethnic look!!! Purple and red look stunning on you!!!! Details on the vest are amazing!!!! Like your shoes as well:)

  4. Happy New Year, Olga! :)

    The color combination and the pattern are simply stunning, pure poetry! It was fun to see and learn from you about the details of the building and the traditions of celebration. Food, drink and music seem to be an international way of celebrating, but the local flavor is what makes it unique. :) How do they even manage to pour it from such a height? What a skill.

    You look wonderful!

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous choice of vest! As always, you look wonderful and I so enjoy your descriptions of local clothing and custom. The food looks amazing!

  6. I see why you need this marvellous vest, Olga. The print and the colors are so wonderful. Your complete outfit is a feast for the eyes.
    Thank you for sharing your delightful and very interesting diner with us. I like to see how in your country holidays are celebrated.

  7. I love your jewel coloured outfit and I'd kill for that waistcoat! The restuarant and the dancers are just gorgeous! x

  8. I love purple and red together -- so vibrant! You looks amazing in this outfit (шальвары тебе тоже идут!)

  9. What a beautiful outfit, Olga! That little vest is exquisite and I love it when clothes have ornaments attached. The ring is special and pretty too.

    How funny that after your local dinner you went for contentinental dinner;-).