Sleeveless beaded dress for a wedding party

On Sunday it was not only Easter but we were also invited to a wedding party. I like it when such parties happen in summer because there is not need for any scarves or coats or jackets. Finally I got a chance to wear this new sleeveless party dress. It is heavily decorated with glass beads and rhinestones (but on the front only). I would be really happy to wear this dress without any pants but it is not possible. Look at this both-side high slits, no way wearing the dress with nothing underneath.

All accessories are in silver. The rhinestones ring was bought in Belarus, all the rest - the fashion bangles, the aquamarine pendant, the enameled earrings and the garnet bangles - in Nepal. The purse you've already seen here

Again the event was held at the Regal Ballroom of the Yak and Yeti hotel. The place is beautiful and impressive and looked even more majestic with all the wedding decorations. Those are lamps on the stairs.

Welcoming flower arrangement on the floor

Live music. The musicians are dressed in traditional costumes and playing traditional instruments 

I liked this creative snack-palm made of pineapples.

As always at such events, women wore beautiful, rich in ornamentation, colourful outfits. 

The woman on the right is wearing a green pote-tilahari necklace and a chandra ma hair pin. I wrote about these types of traditional jewelry in my previous posts (here and here)

This woman was wearing a simple white sari and she decorated her hair with fresh flowers of jasmine and a rose. Very elegant and beautiful

The kids were dressed no less impressive

"Does this hair piece really match my dress? Seems like it's not of the same shade"

A talkative girl Rosa with her brother and a friend. I am in love with the friend's dress

While the grown-ups were "warming up", the kids enjoyed dancing

and uncontrollable ice-cream/cakes eating

Mustaches...not the most impressive I've ever seen

I enjoyed the party tremendously.

Hope you too are having a great time!


  1. Wow!!! Impressive party!!! You dressed lovely for such an event. Love the jewelery you picked to accessorize and.complete your evening look!!!!

  2. There is just one word Olga GORGEOUS!!! You look drop dead gorgeous in this marvelous dress!

  3. What a well dressed bunch. the snack tree looks amazing as does your dress. The trousers underneath are perfect! x

  4. The dress and jewelry are beautiful. What a celebration: live music, dancing, eating delicious foods! I'm very happy for you, Olga! (Умеют люди устроить себе праздник!)

  5. What a wonderful event! A lot of lovely people and a very nice place! And you look wonderful in your new dress. The glass beads and your jewelry ars sparkling so bright. You have a new hair-do, more curls? You look fabulous Olga!
    Sabine xxx

  6. How beautiful everyone looks! Love all the colour. And you looks so elegant and gorgeous, the sparkly dress works wonderfully over trousers. And your jewellery is amazing as always, Olga. A lovely event! xxx

  7. Fun clothing, as always, and I see that European style outfits were also welcomed. You are the most exotic looking gal on such events, of course! Such beautiful dress and jewelry, and oh those red curls and green eyes!

  8. What a beautiful wedding, and what a beautiful guest you were! Thanks for sharing the delightful photos and descriptions of what is, to me, a very exotic occasion.

  9. My dear friend Olga, how are you? I have missed you! Oh my I just cant believe that I'm obsessed with your hair style. The party looks so much fun - one of my dreams is wearing Sari someday, I have wanted since I have favorite Bollywood movies! Well - my favorite is when you capture the 4 girls who enjoyed their foods. I love all jewelery that you wear. They are perfectly match with your simply elegant dress.
    Hope you're doing well and have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Stunning dress and accessories! love all the pictures too.

  11. I am so impressed with your beaded dress! I am not normally into beadwork on clothing, but I'd try your dress on in a heartbeat. You look so gorgeous and at ease as always in your unique beautiful clothes.

    If you really like wearing it without pants underneath, perhaps adding a simple seam down the sides to close the slit down to a more modest height?

  12. You look marvelous, Olga!

    And so do the other guests; what a colorful lot!!! So much to see there. And that Pineapple snack Tree is hilarious!