Blue maxi dress

When it is hot I like to wear this maxi dress. It is flowing, it is beautiful and it is blue, which reminds me of water - sea or river - and in the heat it is nice to look at something like this. At least imaginary you feel cooler.

And what a pleasure it is to pluck a ripe peach from the tree and to refresh myself with its juice. These are white peaches (in spite of looking rather red), they are extremely juicy. Bougainvillea is also in full bloom now in my yard and I can enjoy its red flowers every day.

The dress I accessorized with blue topaz jewelry - earrings and a bangle, and an enameled peacock pendant.

Sharing with Patti's Visible Monday

Dress - Wallis, sandals - Bentley, blue topaz earring and bangle - bought in Nepal, enameled peacock pendant - Rajasthan, India 

Have a nice day!


  1. Gorgeous, Olga! You look like a cool sea breeze in that lovely dress, the colours are beautiful on you, and as always. your jewellery is exquisite. How wonderful to eat peaches straight from the tree! xxx

  2. Love this blue maxi dress! it's such an eye catching to me. I feel fresh when I see you wearing this dress.
    Those blue jeweleries are adorable and I wondering maybe sometimes you can tell us about all your jeweleries here :)
    My mom and I planed to buy bougenvile next month we think that we need to start something the fresh and colorful to our house.
    I really love you shiny lips. This post is just summery.
    Thanks for commenting to mypost. You're such a faithful friend. I would love to tell the girls! :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. Stunning, Olga! And I am so taken with these jewelry! :) And peaches from your garden! :) Enjoy the sunshine!

  4. As usual, beautiful outfit! (персики обожаю, видела их тут в продаже тоже, но с дерева конечно вкуснее). Love the topaz jewelry pieces -- great color.

  5. So pretty, Olga. Love the jewelry too.

  6. That is such a pretty blue print - you are rocking it!

    Visiting from VM.

  7. It looks like the perfect summer dress, and a gorgeous colour, too.

  8. Stunning dress, Olga and it's lovely to pick a peach from your own yard! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  9. I relly , relly like the outfit! Your blue maxi dress is beautiful :) You look gorgeous:)
    Hugs Beata


  10. I love the dress. I am such a fan of these maxi dresses but dont own one. I love the colors in yours, the blues, looks so light and airy too. The peaches Yum! I love them and enjoy a peach martini once summer hits too! Please drop by , from VM link up

  11. The perfect dress for a sunny day, it looks wonderful on you! x

  12. You have the talent to find wonderful dresses Olga! Again such a gorgeous one, making you look radiant.
    Peaches in the garden are such a gift. Many years ago we had an overgrown garden. Lead by their soft scent we found a peach tree with sweet juicy fruits at a hidden place. It was such a nice surprise.
    Beautiful pictures of your wonderful spot my dear!
    Sabine xxx

  13. I love maxi dresses and this one is so pretty! You just convinced me to buy another maxi dress!!!


  14. Another gorgeous dress and you really know your color. I can't get over those peaches.. never seen one on a tree before..

  15. Pretty you in your blue topaz and dreams of the sea! I haven't seen bougainvillea since I was a little girl in California. My grandfather had it in his garden, and a peach tree as well! Lovely memories today, inspired by a young friend from across the world. Thank you.

  16. Beautiful summer look, Olga! I love that jewelry.