A blue watercolour dress

I call this dress "my real French dress". Not only because it was bought in Paris and is by a French designer. But also because on its tag it is written not "made in Sri Lanka" or "made in Bangladesh" but really "made in France". It was from the collection called "Antigua" and no doubt the dress's print was inspired by the island's blue skies and turquoise sea.

Antigua island, photo source

The print looks like a watercolour with no strict outlines, with colours smoothly changing from one to another. That is the main thing that I like about this dress, the print.

I wore the dress for the theatrical premiere of "The Seagull". Can you imagine: Russian classic play staged by an American director and played by Nepali actors in English language? I was curious to see that. And it turned out to be quite good.

I used to wear the dress without any belt but here I decided to add one matching in colour with the peep-toe shoes.

Dress - Christine Laure, shoes - Dorothy Perkins, coral-imitation pendant - local, turquoise ring - Ottoman Hands

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  1. Oh my Olga,
    this is beautiful dress ever. I love how you combined this waterblue with the red!
    thanks for sharing the story behind this dress. That island is just so beautiful!
    I LOVE the neckline on the back. And surely it's perfect for the event you attended it must be so interesting how the Nepal people played it.

    have a wonderful week!

  2. What a lovely dress! You look so beautiful!

  3. That dress is fabulous, I can see why its named after a Caribbean hotspot! Love it belted and the red accessories are just gorgeous.
    What a strange mix The Seagull was, glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Wow!!!! You look stunning ans very chic B-) ....by the way, colours of the dress and the red accessories kind of remind me of French flag colour...you are just missing white colour! :) beautiful look!!!

  5. What gorgeous colours in your dress,and I love that soft smudgy print. The red belt and shoes add a certain pzazz - you look beautiful! xxx

  6. Dear Olga,
    the water colour print is marvellous and so are the shoes and red accessories. A dress from France for me also has a special hint. I remember I once bought a tee in Strassbough when I was young. I loved it and appreciate it because it was my first garment from France. Enjoy yours it is gorgeous!
    Sabine xxx

  7. There is something extra special about Made in France! This watercolour print is so soft and cool. I love the red accessories, but could also see it with purple or even gold! Have fun in your swishy dress!

  8. What an elegant dress, Olga! Very pretty, especially with the red accessories.