Indian designers: what to wear this summer

I guess not many of you are familiar with Indian designers. There are a lot of them who create not only ethnic Indian dresses but very interesting designs that can be worn by any woman anywhere in the world. Here are a few works by different Indian designers from the 2014 collections. The choice was made according to my personal liking, I would gladly wear any piece of the shown clothes.

I am not a big fun of bugs but this insect-inspired dresses by Jenjum Gadi do look appealing to me.

It is amazing how all those bugs create such interesting patterns.

My two favourite ensemboles from the collection by Dev R Nil.  Love the prints.

And I am really in love with these Japanese kimono-inspired creations by Payal Pratap. These hand-drawn prints of flowers, birds and cherry blossoms are simply amazing.

These designs by Shruti Sancheti are so really summery and pretty. Again, love the prints!

Evening dress from the House of Cards collection by Pankaj&Nidhi

Casual look by Anita Dongre

Here I like the combination of maxi skirt with long tunic. And the embroidery of course. By designer Pratima Pandey.

Cute little summer dresses by Zubair Kirmani

And this is an evening dress by same designer

So, how did you like the shown designs? Would you wear anything of those?


  1. So many beautiful dresses! My absolutely favorite is the dark blue by Z. Kirmani.
    Oh.. so many bugs :) on the first 3 dresses. Scary :) I remember once, I owned a T-shirt with bug pattern.
    Thank you for the post -- as usual I learned something new today.

  2. My favourites are the first three insect ones and the long tunic over the maxi.
    I love those insects although moths and dragon flies aren't really creepy crawly like some!
    All of the designs are lovely, and I loved the hand painted kimono designs.
    All the best, XO JJ

  3. I really like so many of them but not sure I'd wear insects enlarged like that. I love the last dress the most.

  4. A great review Olga. I can't say which I like best. The bright floral prints or the cute embroideries. Very fine artwork in any case.
    Sabine xxx

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