Black and white stripes dress

The calendar says it is still summer but the autumn's breath is in the air. It is already too cold for sleeveless maxi dresses or for bare legs. But warm enough for this knitted tunic to wear with skinny jeans. Minimalistic black and white look today. The stripes of different width combined in different directions create an interesting pattern.

The back of the dress is of vertical stripes

These chessboard earrings made of mother-of-pearl and black agate I found in Nepal

I miss my cats but this new friend of mine cheers me up a lot. This cat is nobody's as he doesn't have home and lives in the street but at the same time he is everybody's because he is so friendly and affectionate that many people get touched by it and give him food.

Sharing today's look with Patti's Visible Monday link up

Black and white stripes knitted dress - Wallis, skinny jeans - 109F, shoes - Bentley

Have a nice day!


  1. The dress is very cute! The stripes' pattern is pretty unique -- never see anything like this one. Olga, ты такая стройняшка в этом платье. Мне прям стыдно за свое пузо :(.

  2. Very visible for Monday ! Who could miss those amazing stripes! Loooooving your earrings. So beautiful. Xo JJ

  3. What a great dress, I always love a graphic black and white and those great earrings, simply stunning.

  4. Great look, Olga - I love all the graphics. And what a sweet kitty, I hope someone will take him home! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, you look gorgeous as always.

  5. Lovely look! I love the detail and how you paired your earrings! Very nice :) hugs x

  6. Fabulously 1960s Mod, great dress and how cool to find a matching cat! x

  7. Love the graphic black and white, it does have a Mod vibe to it. You look super-chic as always, and the cat is adorable! xxx

  8. So Mod! Less romantic than many of your outfits, but you look quite fabulous! You even manage to draw the right kitty for an accessory. Impressive! Love the top, really a lot!
    And your hair is a wonder, and looks great!

  9. Hi Olga! I love the black an white combo, especially the tunic with its graphic look. The leggins and black heels also make the look chic! an fab hair!
    from the link up
    please stop by

  10. Very elegant look, Olga!

    Since my last cat died, half a year ago, I am like you. I walk in my neighborhood and every cat I encounter now is my friend. We chat, I talk to them, we cuddle....becoming a crazy cat-lady;-).