Autumn dress in earthy brown

Gorgeous weather continues to amaze: it is still sunny and warm. I still wear dresses and still go out barelegged. This dress in earthy brown is a new purchase, its fabric is of viscose/polyester/spandex mixture and decorated with small embroidered flowers. Perhaps I would wear different shoes with this dress but as I have not many pairs with me here to chose from I wore the yellow wedges. Yellow is an earthy colour too and so the wedges are in harmony with the dress and with autumn. 

Not wearing much accessories here, just simple sunflower earrings

Real sunflowers are still in bloom too

Forests are full of mushrooms

And the Boletus (penny bun) is considered the King Mushroom of Belarus forests

A typical autumn day in Belarus is cold, rainy and grey. But I really like autumn when it is like this - full of sun, warmth and colours.

Dress - Moda Versal (Belarus), shoes - Delamode, sunflower earrings - bought in Delhi airport

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  1. Wow! !!! You look gorgeous in this simple brown cosy and stylish dress!!!! I like the yellow wedges with it and beautiful sunflower earrings! Simple, elegant and very autumn-like!!!! PS. ...that's a really big mushroom!!! :)

  2. Such an elegant dress. The back collar is a nice detail. But I am most impressed with your basket of mushrooms--what bounty. I love fall also.

  3. Love the detailing in this dress. It also looks very well made and suits you.
    We are still hanging on to summer weather too. Though my closet is shifting!

  4. I just discovered you also have twins! I have boy/girl twins and they are 28 years old now!!

  5. Such a feminine dress, Olga! Love this color - olive, isn't it? The earrings are adorable! Such a gorgeous photo of the sunflower and the butterfly too - did you take it? It's wonderful!

    I looove mushrooms! My Dad took me mushroom hunting when I was little. We have lots and lots of different kinds of mushrooms in Siberia (маслята, опята, грузди, волнушки, подберезовики, подосиновики и др). We brought backpacks full of mushrooms back home... But I don't think we have боровики! My Dad grew up in the Vyatka region and told me about Boletus. And of course I read in books and probably tried dried Boletus once. There are plenty of mushrooms in the local forests too, some of them are the same species I knew from my childhood - опята, лисички, маслята, и полно сыроежек. По-моему, и грузди тоже тут есть. :)

  6. Beautiful dress!! You look so elegant in it! You are right, the earrings I've made would fit perfectly to the outfit! But, the sunflower earrings are gorgeous as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. A very elegant and suitably autumnal dress, Olga, you look lovely. Gorgeous photo of the sunflower with the peacock butterfly and what an amazing basketful of mushrooms! xxxx

  8. Wow, that dress look so lovely on you. A flattering model. You look very pretty, Olga!

  9. You actually have a good hand to find beautiful dresses! It is a bit 60s style, very feminine, I love it!
    Autumn as you show is amazing. We are facing the other side of this season, rain and wind.
    Sabine xxx

  10. Beautiful, Olga. Pretty dress with retro feel. Love your cute sunflower earrings. I've been seeing sunflowers everywhere lately.

  11. That dress is wonderful, such an elegant cut and colour.
    I'm intrigued by those mushrooms, isn't nature wonderful? xxx

  12. Love, love this Autumn dress, and you look gorgeous. And wow, that is a king of a mushroom : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  13. Such a retro feel with this very subtle dress, and your photo reminds me of something from the past that I just can't put my finger on. I'll let you know if I remember. Great with your hair, and modern with your shoes! Love your photos ... your 'shrooms make me hungry for the bread, not the mushroomy taste. So happy to hear you're having a wonderful mild fall!

  14. That's such a fabulous dress!!! LOVE the Autumn colour! And that's a huge mushroom!!! WOWOWOW!! sooo cool!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  15. wow beauty you! i love this vintage style dress on you! you look so beautiful!!!! great look!

  16. Pretty!! Happy to see you enjoying Fall.