Surreal clay jewelry

Bone cat brooch

When I first saw jewelry by Ukrainian designer Lera Procopets who works under pseudonym Valeria Myrusso I experienced mixed feelings; her creations are surreal, sometimes a bit disturbing or even creepy (in her collection you can find, for example, a crow skull pendant or bone phalanges hairpins) but nevertheless strangely beautiful and mysteriously appealing. Lera often gets inspired by fairy tales, myths and legends and so, images of many odd creatures appear on her jewelry. She works with polymer clay, coral, semiprecious stones, shells, metal though some of the details she simply finds at flea markets. Each piece of her handcrafted jewelry is unique, there are no replicas or duplicates in her collections.

Pendants: Bathory (the most prolific female serial killer in history) and Lotus

Valeria is a founder of The Black Hen Gremoire studio. No wonder that such a name was chosen for the artist's studio. "A grimoire is a textbook of magic. Such books typically include instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms and divination and also how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons". (Wikipedia)

Ammonoidea set

Baikal, pendant

Clockwork heart set

Domestic pathology set

Poppy, bracelet

Ma Gu, ring

Phoenix, brooch

Sanctification, pendant

Scythian Princess, pendant

Couldn't help but sharing with you. What do you think of these jewelries? 
Much more at the artist's site


  1. What interesting jewellery, both beautiful and macabre. I love the Baikal and Scythian Princess pendants, but the sets are a little overwhelming for me (when worn together). Thank you for showing us this designer's work, Olga! xxx

  2. I love the final piece the most, the colour is beautiful! Very beautiful and rather nightmarish, particularly the cat xx

  3. She definitely does very fine work. It's all really beautifully done. I really love the piece with the large green/blue stone in it. Her faces are just gorgeous but I just don't think I could wear jewelry with blood on it, as some of the creepy ones!

  4. Incredibly talented and expressive artist!! I looked at the photos first, and without reading, I knew it was from our part of the world! There is something so recognizable - the level of details and inspiration, thousand years of it, I think. I loved the steampunk-ish elements. Great find, Olga!

  5. Amazing jewelry! So many interesting details. I also love the colors she uses: red, white, black -- so striking. She is a true artist!

  6. I love the steam punk elements used in a slightly different way. They are really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I hope she sees these comments :-) xo JJ

  7. Interesting read and great pictures, Olga. I can appreciate some steampunk, but it's not really my style. Neither is this jewelry. But hey, tastes differ, right?

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  9. These necklace set are cute and colourful. I love to make this type of different jewellery.