A day out at the Serpent Lake

Back to Nepal, back to summer. At this time of the year the weather here is one of the nicest: no rains, no heat, just pleasantly warm and sunny. Simply perfect for a day out on the bank of a lake. About the Serpent Lake I found out recently, the main thing that attracted me instantly was availability of boating. Actually it is the only place near Kathmandu that provides such facility.

Perhaps a maxi skirt is not the best choice for a paddle boat but I really didn't feel like wearing pants. So, here I am again in my favourite navy blue maxi skirt. With a different top however.
The place was peaceful and beautiful. The lake's name comes from the belief that a mythical female serpent (Nag) lives here. There is a temple and a sculpture on the bank of the lake both dedicated to the creature.

There were also two buildings of unknown purpose, I guess they simply serve as shelters from sun and rain. These unremarkable buildings were decorated with quite remarkable murals.

Besides the curious but shy young gentleman from the photo above I got friendly with this cute female goat.

Both maxi skirt and stripy top - Next

It was a nice day out.
Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Nice to see you in your outdoor surroundings. Are they rice terraces? You look utterly chic and elegant even in your life vest! Hard to do :-) xo JJ

  2. wow those landscapes are too beautiful! and i love your maxi skirt!

  3. Such a beautiful location, and it's lovely to see that fab maxi skirt again, it looks great with any top you pair it with. Gorgeous murals, and the shot with the little boy checking you out is priceless! xxxx

  4. Just dropping in to let you know that I've included you in my Around the World in 20 Blogs post!

  5. What a fun post! Beautiful lake, and your outfit is just perfect - what else to wear to a paddle boat? :) I really like this outfit, Olga - it's somewhat 1920s, don't you think? Especially with your hair! You look amazing!!

    Really enjoyed the photo of you feeding the goat, so cute! xxx

  6. I love how even the bus stops in Asia are fabulously decorated! Great to see that fabulous maxi skirt again. xxx

  7. Beautiful surroundings, and beautiful you in your maxi skirt, you look perfect for a day on the lake. The art work on the shelters is so vibrant.