Christmas celebrations outfits

Merry Christmas to all my readers! Today I want to show you two different outfits that I wore to two different Christmas celebrations. The black-and-red combo along with a Santa cap was my choice for an evening out with close friends. Nothing glamorous, bohemian or classy. Instead, a rather silly and fun look.

The black t-shirt I bought at the recent SAARC fair trade, it was from Bangladesh. Quite unexpected to find a Christmas-themed garment from a country like Bangladesh. The girls on the t-shirt says "What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe".

Another outfit I wore for a Christmas dinner with co-workers. Had to look more sophisticated, so no Santa hat, no frivolous prints and messages. For the occasion I chose a black knitted dress with a pashmina shawl draped over my shoulders.

I like the embroidery on the dress, it turns a boring black dress into something eye-catchy 

Hope you are enjoying these pre-Cristmas days and will have a wonderful holiday with your family and close ones.

Long-sleeved top - Bossini, Christmas t-shirt - from Bangladesh, skirt - Red Herring

Embroidered dress - George, pashmina shawl - a gift from friends, bag - Aspio, enameled pendant - from Rajasthan, India 

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  1. I like both of your outfits. The first because it is really fun and playful...I enjoy dressing up in Christmas colours for the holiday...wearing the Santa cap and all that stuff.

    The second look is very elegant and sophisticated. The dress is so beautiful, the embroidery is just divine...and I also really like the bag, the two seem to match perfectly! The shawl is lovely as well and has a very unique look to it.

    I'm also a fan of buying local products and clothing because I love unique things.


  2. Flirty and fun, or elegant and sophisticated - you rock both looks, Olga! Happy Christmas to you too. xxx

  3. Merry Christmas, Olga! You are so playful in your red outfit and elegant in the black embroidered one. I love how your purse echoes the embroidery. Hope you had good fun at both parties, you sure look like you did! :) xxx

  4. Love both your looks! One with the funny message about the mistletoe is cute :) you look cheeky and ready for fun in it! The other look which is more sophisticated looks glamorous on you!!! Love the contrast of the bright blue Pashmina scarf and the black dress!!! The embroidery on the dress is amazing!!!! You have managed to turn a quite simple black dress (with embroidery) into an elegant evening outfit and keep it personal with the scarf and that embroidered bag!!! :):):)

  5. Both outfits are fabulous, fun, flirty, glamorous and sophisticated. A bit of everything. xxx

  6. The outfits are amazing! The first one is very playful! The second one is classy и выглядит очень богато :)

  7. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Both of your Christmas looks say so much from fun to oh so grown up and glamorous.

  8. I like your colorfull look. Merry Christmas.

  9. You look very nice in your dark dress the embroideries make it special! The pasmina matches it well...
    Have a wonderful Christmas!