Indian wedding party

Me in my party outfit

In the beginning of December we were invited to a wedding in Jaipur. This Indian city is like a dream itself and to attend a wedding there would be like to find oneself in a fairy-tale. I especially want to see a groom arriving to the bride's house on an elephant. The invitation, actually four of them for each day of the four-day-long celebration, is one of the most beautiful I've ever received.

Invitations for Indian wedding celebrations

Alas, have to disappoint you...we didn't manage to go to Jaipur. I hope there will be another chance for me. Instead we attended an Indian wedding party here in Kathmandu. And so, I invite you to join the event along with me. What to expect at an Indian wedding party? First of all, as at any wedding, bride and groom are the centre of everybody's attention. They sit separately from other guests, at the specially decorated place.

Bride and groom awaiting guests

You may be dazzled by all the spark that the bride's wearing. But isn't it what all brides want: to be the most beautiful, the most attractive, the most dazzling woman at the event.

Bride wearing traditional dress in pink and multi-thread necklace sitting next to groom
The necklace is just stunning. Love her large ring too.

Indian bride and groom

Bride and groom checking their phones during reception
"I bet I've got more likes than you sweetheart"

The next thing to expect at an Indian wedding is the explosion of colours, textures and patterns. Chiffon or silk saris, embroidered anarkalis, brocade lehengas - one's head goes round from such a bright variety of outfits which actually helps to create a really festive mood.

Beautiful saris

Women in sari

Women in sari gossiping

Yellow sari

Women in bright saris

Women in ethnic Indian clothes

Intricate designs of sari's pallu
Saris' pallu (the loose end) details - what an exquisite embroidery

Such beautiful outfits require no less beautiful accessories. And that is the next thing that you can expect to see at an Indian wedding: magnificent, stunning, sometimes overpowering jewelry. Indian women prefer large massive earrings and "statement" necklaces.

Indian girl wearing coral dress and large earrings

Women wearing beautiful necklace and earrings set

Woman wearing an interesting necklace
I liked this woman's necklace, quite untypical 

Woman wearing a necklace in traditional design

Indian women wearing large earrings

Indian woman wearing sari and traditional set of a necklace and earrings

Indian woman wearing beautiful jewelry

Indian woman in sari wearing beautiful necklace

What a piece of art this brooch is!

Indian women

What else? There are always some performers at an Indian wedding: dancers, singers or musicians. At this particular party there was a flutist playing beautiful Indian melodies.

A flutist

And of course, no Indian wedding without lots and lots of delicious food offered to the guests: snacks, salads, traditional Indian and modern Continental, fruits, desserts.

Chefs preparing food

Chefs serving food

Strawberry tarts

I love Indian weddings!

Me and friend in party outfits

Have a nice day!


  1. Wow!!! What a breathtaking wedding celebration! !!! I can't imagine how beautiful that other wedding in Jaipur must have been!!! I love the blush pink Bride's outfit! !!! And also that brooch! !!! Amazing outfits!!!! I also like Indian weddings even though I haven't been to many :(. You look dazzling yourself by the way!!! Love the sparkly kurta and how you accessorized it with red churidar and heels and that white fur bolero really nicely matches your Indian look :):):)

  2. Who needs Jaipur when you've got that much colour, beauty and fabulousness on your doorstep? The bride is gorgeous but so is everyone else (including you!) xxx

  3. Those invitations really are gorgeous - 4 days of celebrations, wow! A shame you couldn't go, but the wedding you did attend looks like a stunning affair. So much colour and sparkle and jewellery and elegance. You look amazing too! xxxx

  4. Fascinating to see all this sparkling beauty - it's like watching an Indian movie. :) Elephant arrival sounded really cool, I hope you'll see it some day. But you had great times at this wedding, I can see that you were inspired taking the pictures, Olga! Yummy too, yes? :) xxx

  5. How lovely! It reminds me of living next door to Indians when I grew up in PNG. We had one dinner where my sisters and Mum and I all tried on her saris and we had a traditional Indian dinner, sitting on the floor with banana leaf plates! Yours looks a slightly more sophisticated affair. xo JJ

  6. I always wanted to attend an Indian wedding! The bride looked so beautiful in that pink silk dress that looks both traditional and modern. I also love the jewelry...everyone's jewelry for that matter...an explosion of colours and patterns...how gorgeous! When I was a child I always regretted not being born in India, I imagined myself wearing all those wonderful saris and massive jewelry.


  7. you looked lovely too...I forgot to mentioned that:)

  8. Olga you look absolutely amazing! Such a fancy dress! Love it! Не могу поверить, что женщины все так одеваются -- прямо как в кино или как будто в сказке :)

  9. Fascinating !!! Love all that colorful full of beauty and glamor.

  10. Everyone who hadn't been there was blown away. The food at Las Vegas Weddings was hands down the best wedding food any of us had ever tasted. We had many of our guests come up to us during the reception and comment as to how delicious the food was.

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