Aran style sweater

January is the coldest month of the year here in Kathmandu. But I am glad "winter" has finally arrived because firstly, the chilly period is so short here that there is no time for you to get really tired of it, you actually enjoy it; and secondly, that's the time I can show off my coats and woolen sweaters at last. This 100% lamb-wool textured knitted sweater in natural white I bought 7-8 years ago. It is one of those timeless things that one must have in one's wardrobe, it never goes out of fashion, you can wear it as long as it lasts.

I guess the sweater is inspired by the traditional Aran jumper: natural white colour, 100% wool, all those textured cables. Such jumpers are believed to be first developed on the Irish Aran Islands to protect fishermen from the hostile weather. The cable, an important part of the Aran islander's daily life, is said to be a wish for safety and good luck when fishing.

Here I'm wearing the sweater with two different skirts. The tribal print skirt you have seen in the Reversed Cinderella story" post. There I wore it with a traditional Indian blouse choli, but as you can see it looks good paired with a sweater as well. The Shiva-Parvati bag I thought would be a nice complement to the look.

Another skirt that I wore the sweater with is a blue maxi skirt. Love its joyous floral print.

Look at Funny - enjoying the photo-session no less than me

With both looks I wore these wooden earrings. Their colour complements the natural white of the sweater very well.

See you at Patti's Visible Monday !

Sweater - Bossini, floral print maxi skirt - White Stuff, tribal skirt - local, Shiva-Parvati bag - bought in India, wooden earrings - locally hand-made.

Have a nice day!


  1. The sweater looks fantastic with both skirts, I love having pieces in my wardrobe that go on for years and years and work with a variety of other items. Funny is a beauty! xxx

  2. Love your lovely white and very warm sweater! !!

  3. Love your lovely white and very warm sweater! !! Interesting collar and knit as well!!! I like those type of sweaters!!!! It looks lovely with both skirts! :) the cat likes your looks as well :):):)

  4. both maxi skirts are an excellent choice for this wonderful white wool sweater....the vibrant print of the maxis really stands out against the white top...and the Shiva and Parvati bag is so beautiful! I love Indian mythology, both from theological and cultural aspect, it is really fascinating!


  5. The sweater goes perfectly together with your lovely patterned skirts! I love this look so much, you look amazing. Your earrings are also very pretty.
    Have a good time dear Olga!
    Sabine xxx

  6. Truly beautiful and timeless sweater, and I really like it with golden tones - great styling, Olga! Love seeing Funny - she is adorable. The photo of your earrings is so artistic! xxx

  7. That jumper looks great with both skirts! Funny is in danger of stealing the show here though, he's gorgeous. xxx

  8. The sweater looks warm and love the neckline. You really know how to rock the long full skirt!

  9. Lovely sweater - looks fab with any skirt, I'll bet. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xo.

  10. Let me start with your very sweet Fuffy:it 's sooo nice! ( sorry, but I I couldn't postpone!, :-)

    a light colour wool sweater is easy to match, besides yours looks soft and warm! It goes well with both your long skirt! Lovery earrings ...
    I would love you told about the Shiva-Parvati bag...is that a traditional piece? It's very beautiful !!
    Have a nice week dear, and ... enjoy your cold winter days!!

  11. Enjoy wearing your Winter pieces while you can. You wear Winter white so well, this jumper is lovely on you, so versatile.

  12. That is such a fun way to wear a pullover (brilliant collar on this one, too! Cool cables!) The skirts do work for you year round, yes? Very pretty, as usual, and what a fine kitty-bomb!