Knitted mini dress and long cardigan

To tell you the truth I am not that good in identifying different shades of same colour. Do you know how many shades of red are there? 57 according to Wikipedia. Seriously? At best I can differ just a few. But there is Turkey Red, Venetian Red, Chilli Red and Fire Engine Red. There is Carmin, Crimson, Cardinal, Ruby and Lust. Are there really people who can differ one from another? I wonder. Anyway, I am wearing today two garments in two different shades of red: a knitted mini dress (marsala?) and a no buttons mohair cardigan (berry-red?).

The dress I bought two years ago. Loved simplicity of the silhouette, the colour and the adorning pattern. It is too short to wear with tights so I always pair it with skinnies.

The cardigan is quite old, it has been in my wardrobe for 10 years. I used to wear it with a knitted belt but now I like to style it just like this - hanging open over the dress. It is of 51% mohair and 23% wool, so in spite of the loose pattern it is very warm.

I happened to have a bag in exactly same shades.
Closer look at the accessories

Chunky heart pendant. Don't know what material it is made of but I like how it reflects surroundings. Bought a couple of years ago in London.

Mandala inspired silver earrings with very small blue topaz stones in the middle. Of course, found in Nepal

Garnet flower melchior ring. A gift from my daughters. They managed to save their pocket money to buy this ring as a present for my birthday. So sweet. I often wear it.

Knitted dress - Fusion Beats, no buttons mohair cardigan - Benetton, skinnies - 109F, bag and boots - local market

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Have a nice weekend!


  1. Olga, looking terrific in this outfit! Не говори, столько оттенков и кстати не только красного :) и у каждого свое название. Но ты знаешь, здешние женщины довольно хорошо ориентируются в цветах :), все таки если вырос в этой культуре, то запоминаешь с детства. А мне сложно...:)
    Love your raspberry cardigan! Looks so bright and positive!

  2. I love different hues of red here! You forgot to mention one more hue - your hair is also red, and it does add to the whole picture. :) Beautiful tunic (?) and gorgeous cardigan, and the story of your pretty ring is so touching.

    Justin can differ tones and hues pretty well - from his childhood (big boxes of crayons and color pencils where each pencil has its own name, as he was growing up with artistic mom). I agree that we, generally, weren't given such a detail picture of varieties of one color, as were were growing up in USSR. Though I suspect that those who studied art, got a better idea. I actually wanted to write a post about all that. :) But no matter what the name of the hues are, we combine them, playing and having fun! And you do it beautifully, always!

  3. Oh I'm the same, Olga, I really struggle to identify various shades, and then can't think of the right name - what we call colours seems to change with fashion, and I can't keep up! So I'm calling that cute little tunic, red, and the cardigan pink, and leaving it at that! You look fabulous, of course, and I adore those earrings. xxx

  4. Your tunic looks great on your tiny person. Tones and hues etc i can always identify but rarely name, if that makes sense? Bushy can identify if two different colours are the same shade because he is colourblind, and doesn't become so swayed by colour as I am.
    I do love to play with different versions of the same colour. Esp. Warm and cool as you've done here.
    All your jewellery is exquisite, as always! I could hate your perfection if I didn't love you so much ;-)
    Hugs, Jazzy Jack

  5. Wow!!! Both shades of red suit you nicely!!! The red tunic with black pattern looks nice and very slimming on you, especially with that way you paires it with black skinny jeans!!!! The ring with garnet stones Is simply beautiful and very medieval looking! !!! Earrings also look antique and medieval! Lovely craftsmanship!!! The heart shaped necklace is yet another shade of red :) !!!

  6. Different shades of the same colour are beautiful in an outfit...red suits you perfectly . With your red hair it looks so pretty! Very nice jewelry too!

    57 shades of red are quite a number! Like you, I can name just a few of them...

  7. That ring with red stones that your daughters bought you is so precious....and what a nice gift it is!

    57 is a large number...and while I'm sure our eye can see the difference between all these shades and perhaps more, I'm not sure our brain can remember all of them and all their names. It is easy to see the difference between two shades when they're one next to another, but to remember how they exactly look? that's a bit more difficult.

    I do love that dress on you...suits you perfectly! the cardi is adorable!