One sweater, two occasions

This emerald-green sweater is one of my latest purchases. It is quite simple and it would seem like there is nothing special about it but surprisingly I've got fond of this sweater and been wearing it quite often recently. Today I will show you two different looks featuring the sweater. One was for a short trip to the hills and another for an eating out in the evening.

Last weekend we went to a place called Namobuddha. It is up in the hills, around one hour drive from Kathmandu. According to a legend, Buddha, in one of his previous incarnations, fed himself to a starving tigress and her cubs and this is believed to happen exactly at this place. For such occasion I paired the sweater with the tribal skirt that you've already seen before. I figured that the print and style of the skirt would perfectly blend in with the surrounding hills and villages. Besides, it is of modest length, comfortable to walk in and pretty.

The place is very picturesque: beautiful panoramas of the hills, a Tibetan monastery, and a huge number of colourful prayer flags everywhere.

If you have a closer look at the sweater then you will see that it is not pure emerald-green but has sprinkles of yellow and fuchsia all over it. But they are really small, drops-like and are noticeable only from close distance.

Now for the second look. Same sweater, different occasion. A bit more formal than a trip to the hills I would say - a dinner out. I changed the tribal skirt to the grey plaid one, wore different shoes, added patterned tights and a long silver necklace.Voila! A completely different look.

The restaurant was at the hotel so don't be surprised to see all those souvenirs on the background - tourists stuff.

While outside I wrapped myself in this grey printed shawl. Crazy pattern mixing - the tights, the skirt and the shawl - but somehow I find it working.

Sweater, tribal skirt, boots - local market, plaid skirt - Next , tights - bought in Belarus, shoes - Bentley, shawl - Portobello market in London, necklace - bought in London

Well, that's all for today.
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Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Green is my most favorite color, and your sweater is a beauty (I did notice that it's mixed from the very first photo). I love how it balances your brightly colored long skirt, and the second outfit is wonderful - I love pattern mixing, and it does not seem crazy at all.

    The photos are beautiful! Sad story, but I like that Buddhists believe in reincarnation - so happy ending, ta-daaa!

    Who is this charming lady with you? You both look adorable and so pretty and content. xxx

  2. I love the colour of your sweater!!! Especially that it has different colour dots on it!!!! Love both looks and how you accessoried differently for different occasions. Love the checkered skirt in the second look and it's colours, as well as your crazy patterned scarf and blue tights :):):) as you said, all different but somehow they all work together :)

  3. All those prayer flags! They certainly liven up the scenery!
    What a gorgeous spot that first place is. I can see why you would travel an hour to see it.
    I love the gentle nature of your jumper (as we call them). It seems cosy and neutral enough to match many outfits. Your two outfits are so different in style! But both great. xo JJ

  4. That emerald sweater is wonderful...and I can see the fuchia details (the yellow ones not so much but I can see something shiny so maybe that's that).

    I do really like both outfits. The maxi skirt really matched this sweater quite nicely...green and orange are two colours I always love to see together. I also really enjoyed your photos from the monastery...and those numerous prayer flags!

    I like that story about Buddha feeding himself to the tigress in the previous incarnation. Wasn't there a story in Hinduism when a king gave his flesh to a hawk so the hawk wouldn't eat a dove...and then he was rewarded because in fact the hawk and the dove were incarnated gods? I always liked that story, too bad I cannot remember the names. Anyhow, this story you retold really shows the respect people have for this wonderful animals. I do love tigers. I always watch those documentaries from the Siberia about them. Recently I watched one where a baby cub, only 2 moths old, was saved from the snow after being alone and not eating anything for 10 days ...and he was still feisty the little fellow:) The locals had been searching for him in the snow for days and they were so joyous to find him! it was so lovely to see that happy end story:)

    The other outfit where you paired the sweater with that gorgeous tartan skirt reminds me of Vivienne Westwood and one of her designs:) Simply perfect!

  5. I always find it interesting to read about other countries' traditions and you took beautiful photos of the prayer flags!
    The colous of your sweater and those of the long, tribal skirt are very well combined and, yes, they also go lovely with the surroundings!

  6. Such a pretty and versatile little sweater.
    Your trip into the hills looks amazing - what stunning views! xxx

  7. You look so lovely in that soft green sweater, it certainly is your colour. Such a beautiful placeand such an interesting story, thank you so much for sharing.