Origami birds maxi dress for New Year's Eve party

 Happy New Year! May this year bring new bright and colourful experiences and new interesting people into your life and new beautiful clothes into your wardrobe. I hope you all welcomed 2015 in a joyful mood. For the New Year's Eve party I chose to wear this chiffon maxi dress. The upper part of the dress is black with print in kind of origami style and the lower part is in a very bright and cheerful shade of pink. Who'd think I would wear pink?  I've never been a big fan of this colour.

Anyway I liked particularly this shade. It is not disgustingly pale pink or overly sweet Barbie pink. The fabric is light and flowing and creates nice effect while moving.

Couldn't find any suitable necklace for this dress, so I ended up by wearing bangles instead.

Garnet and zircon silver bangles. Indian but bought in Nepal (Saba Gems, Thamel)

Origami birds maxi dress - Global Desi, shoes - Bentley

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Have a nice weekend!


  1. Happy New Year, Olga! That dress is lovely. I'm surprised you don't wear pink more, it looks fabulous.
    What a pretty kitty! xxx

  2. That's a gorgeous dress! Like you, I am not much of a fan of pastel pink, but a strong rich shade is great, and it really suits you. Love the detail on the bodice too.
    Ahh, and a beautiful puss as well!
    Happy new year, Olga! xxx

  3. your cat is so cute and has such lovely green eyes!

    Your dress is wonderful...I like both the origami birds top and the pink bottom part...I like this shade of pink, but really I like all shades of pink.

    The banges are lovely and such a nice choice of accessory. I often wear bracelets when I don't feel like wearing necklaces- or when I can't find a suitable one.

    I wish you blessed and joyous 2015!


  4. Олечка, с новым годом, новым счастьем! Ты выглядишь как всегда очаровательно. What a lovely dress, very appropriate for the occasion! The bangles are "yummy"! They match the outfit perfectly.

  5. Very beautiful dress and the origamy stamp is delightful, but it's nothing compared with your so special beauty! Pink is very nice on you, should wear it often... I wish a 2015 filled with joy and everything you like!

    Your cat so sweet ... little dark baby!

  6. Happy New Year to you too!!! Love your bright and bold pink maxi dress!!! You look gorgeous in it, especially with glamorous hairstyle and evening make up that you did!!! Looks like you had fun celebrating the New Year!!! By the way the cat in the photo is definitely a lovely accessory to your dress ;)...

  7. Happy 2015, Olga! You look adorable and festive as always! I am not a pink fan either, and I also love when things like that sneak up on me - surprise surprise, now we wear pink (or blue! :).) All the very best in the new year to you and your family! xxx

  8. So beautiful dress!! I think it is a perfect outfit for any event. Well dear I am going to some cultural arts events in New York and looking for outfit ideas. I really like your choice. Can you give any advice for a perfect dress?

  9. Hello dear, this dress of yours is really looking beautiful and I also want to buy a dress like this. As I will be hosting a big and best new year eve party nyc this year and that is why I want to look radiant on that special day.