Knitted faux fur decorated jacket

This knitted jacket with faux fur collar that I bought recently has already become one of my favourite winter pieces. Usually I don't like such short jackets, I almost hate them and so I was pretty sure that I would never buy one. They are just not my thing. Never say never, huh? This one has stolen my heart from the first glance. Found it in a small boutique, a local designer's creation. It has not only a furry collar but the armholes are also decorated with fur.

What I also liked straight away is this interesting knitting style that makes the jacket look "shaggy" at the front. At the back there is another type of knitting. I think this was smart because otherwise with too much shagginess, in front and in back, one could look a bit bulky.

In this outfit I used only two colours - black and turquoise. Black jacket, skirt and shoes; and turquoise sweater, belt and tights. And yeah, turquoise earrings. They are quite large and a bit heavy but I love the design.

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  1. What an interesting piece! Fur, knit and crocheted edging! I love the openwork hemline.
    You always look so put together, i feel like a frump next to your cuteness!
    Love the earrings too...such presence. xo Jazzy Jack

  2. I think cropped jackets are a great style on you, Olga, and this one is really interesting with all its textures. The style shows off your tiny waist to perfection, and as always you have fantastic jewellery and great elegance! xx

  3. That jacket is so gorgeous and you are such a beauty! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. Oohh la la!!! Yoh look stunning in this look!!! Love the colour combination of torquise blue and black! Your knitted furry jacket is amazing! !!! It goes well with the black skirt and the torquise belt ties the whole look together!!!! Earrings are great as well! You look very elegant and chic!!!!! :)

  5. What a gorgeous look, Olga! Love the pretty little jacket and the mix of colors.

  6. what a gorgeous jacket!...the fur collar and lining...the two different types of knitting. Btw I think that with such unique knitting you have to be careful when you wash it. My friend's mother made me a scarf that had voluminous knitting but when I washed in I ruined it. I still wear it but it doesn't look that much.

    Amazing skirt...I really like the tights, belts and sweater. Nice to see touches of blue, they really stand out.


  7. This is such a stunning little jacket,so clever with the different pieces. You should wear short jackets more often they suit you so well.The turquoise and black such a great combination,

  8. I see old Hollywood elegance here.. stunning!

  9. Gorgeous, Olga! I love the silhouette and the colors, and of course, the cropped jacket. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  10. Olga! I love this look, this jacket is so pretty and i love that you paired the teal or blue with the black. Great combination.
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  11. Adorable ... you in this very cute jacket .... I know why you fell for it! Haute Boho ... very you. Smart and with lots of charm.

  12. Hi dear!
    You look very pretty in this jacket.
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  13. Black and torquoise look great together, and the earrings are so nice! You have styled everything gracefully...The croched jacket is beautiful too...one of your best outfit ever...well done dear! :-)