Tibetan and Sherpa costumes at Lhosar celebration

Sherpa girls wearing traditional dress

Yesterday it was Lhosar - Tibetan and Sherpa New Year. It is one of the most important festivals for Tibetan Buddhists and at this day people try to visit one of the sacred sites. They usually dress up for the occasion and dressing up in this case means wearing traditional costume. Some like classic variant, while others prefer more modern versions. I am not a Tibetan Buddhist but I like to go to the places of celebrations at this day too, just to enjoy the festive atmosphere, to watch people, to admire all those colourful costumes.

Tibetan family wearing traditional costumes

This is a classic variant of Tibetan costume: a long-sleeved loose coat worn by both men and women called chhuba. The chhuba was originally made to serve three purposes - as day clothing, night clothing and as baggage carrier. It is slightly longer than the wearer with sleeves also longer than the arms. During the day it is shortened at the belt to hang around the knees for men and the ankles for women. Thus the upper part of a pulled up chuba turns into a huge pocket for carrying things. When it is hot one pulls arm from the right sleeve. If it is even hotter, one slips both arms out of the sleeves and ties them around the waist which leaves the upper part of the body bare. Under the chhuba a jacket or shirt with a stiff high collar is worn.

Tibetan women wearing traditional clothes

Tibetan man wearing traditional dress
As well as sleeved women also wear sleeveless chhubas. Over it married women wear striped aprons. The corners of aprons are often decorated with brocade patches. 

Mother and child wearing traditional Tibetan clothes

Kids wearing traditional clothes look especially cute.

Little girl dressed in beautiful ethnic dress of Tibet

Mother and kids wearing traditional Tibetan/Sherpa dress

Girls in traditional Tibetan dress

Mother and daughter in traditional Tibetan dress

 Take a note how elegantly the tied sleeves look at the back, you could think it is a sash

Girls in traditional Tibetan dress
Two sisters wearing identical dress. Lucky catch and you can see the costume.s front and back on one photo 

Traditional Tibetan dress, front and back view
I wonder whether these are real sleeves or just imitation. Perhaps it is modern interpretation

Guys in traditional Tibetan dressTraditional and modern together

Woman wearing ethnic Tibetan dress and jewelry
Dzi beads, coral and turquoise necklaces are one of the most favourable jewelry pieces among the Tibeto-Nepalese

Sherpa women in traditional hat decorated with coins and chains
The eastern Sherpa women wear hats decorated with coins and chains. This woman also has a badge with an image of Buddha on her hat.

Man in traditional Tibetan dress with a turquoise earring in his ear
Many men wear a single earring that may be just a turquoise stone tied with a string to the pierced earlobe. A wide-spred belief circulates among Tibetans that a turquoise worn in the ear prevents reincarnation as a donkey.

I wrote about traditional Tibetan costume and jewelry before, so didn't want to repeat myself. If you are interested to read more and see more photos visit these pages


  1. I am a big fan of bright colors in clothing and seeing how other cultures dress so this post is very cool to me :) xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. Such beautiful traditional wear. These garments remind me of kimonos, also pulled up and tied and with the option of wearing your arm in or out, at least for men (I think...?).

  3. What stunning outfits and such beautiful and elegant models, too. the colours are gorgeous. x

  4. What wonderful clothing, fantastic colours, and yes, the kids look especially fabulous! xx

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this...I really enjoyed looking at these photos and admiring of that beautiful traditional Tibetian costumes.

    you're right...the kids look especially cute in traditional clothing...

    In addition, I like that guy that wore a mix of modern and traditional look!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Wow!!! Their traditional clothing looks very interesting and bright coloured!!! Some loon quite elegant as well! Very unique too! Also it was interesting to find out how they wear them, tieying sleeves at the back like sashes or getting out of one or two sleeves :)

  7. The traditional costumes are gorgeous! The turquoise earring adds an extra touch of colour...
    Very interesting !