Black dress look 1: with a crochet top over it

You know that I am not a big fan of wearing black. Anyway, in this post-quake situation, though more than one month has passed, it still doesn't feel right for me to wear something too bright and colourful. And then this basic black dress becomes very helpful. I can add bright and colourful accessories to it and it will not look "too much", neither "too boring". I can wear it with different jackets, shirts, crop tops or cardi, add different shoes and jewelry and the look will be new and fresh every time. I am going to show you a few of these looks. And for the start there is a little bit dressed up variant. Yesterday we went out for lunch, first time after the quake. I am glad that some of my favourite go-out places didn't suffer any or much damage. Baber Mahal is one of such places. So, I used this lunch as a chance to dress up a little.

By trying different variants I came to conclusion that wearing such type of a crochet top over a basic black dress is the best decision. First, black is a perfect background to emphasize the lacy pattern of the top. Second, no fuss with trying to find what to wear underneath that would look good with the top and with the thing you want to pair it with.

No big choice of hats here in Nepal, they all are of same material and design mostly. But this one, with its nylon flowers and blue brim, seemed a bit different and pretty enough to buy.

Black dress - Giordano, crochet top - Zara, sandals - Refresh, hat - local market, mother-of-pearl earrings - bought in Nepal, mother-of-pearl ring - from Thailand, black onyx ring - from India.

It was nice to go out again. After such disasters you start appreciating small things more.
I hope you're having a fantastic day!
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  1. Very elegant and glamorous! its like you said....simple black little dress but with such beautiful lace top on top and that wonderful hat that matched the colour of your shoes and the simple black little dress is transformed into a very chic and interesting look :) love your hair here and despite the fact that the lace top and the dress are not body hugging. ..you do look rather slim jn this outfit :) Glad to hear you can go out to some places.

  2. Ps. Can't wait to see other looks with this dress :)

  3. hi beautiful Olga! This combination is very lovely and lady like. I'm not a fan of all black either, at least not for myself, it doesn't go well with my skin tone so I always try to have bright accessories or wear scarves.. I really like how you added that crochet top to you black dress and the hat is so chic.

    It seems I was mistaken when I told you that the traditional form of tattooing was not kept anymore. I was told that it still exist but I thought such cases are rare. However, quick you-tube researched revealed that Croatian woman, especially in the region of Bosnia still practice this technique and it is even the young still do it so it cannot be said that the tradition is lost. you can see more here....


  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S0gta7sLYQ

  5. Lovely to see you having fun. Very elegant look. I love dark under lace, and that hat is so sweet. Matches your shoes so well too! Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. It's good to see you looking happy!
    I'm not a huge fan of black either but that dress is a great base for all your cool accessories and that pretty top. xxx

  7. A great idea to wear this beautiful lace top over the dress, Olga! With the hat it gives the outfit such a shade of "summer retreat".
    Sabine xxx

  8. Love this! I'm on a journey to incorporate more hats into my wardrobe as well. Have 3 so far. :) Yours is beautiful, very elegant and cheerful, and the crochet top is fantastic! I think you're right - black is a perfect background, sometimes simple things are the best.

    I'm glad that you started enjoying yourself again, Olga! You all need it so much! Sometimes I thin that sad things are there to help us to focus on living in the moment - smell those roses... Sending you hugs! xxxxx

  9. Hello Lovely! Such a cute and pretty hat and that lace top is gorgeous. Very cool to pair it with the black underneath. It gives your wonderful figure a new dimension. And wow sweet friend, what a brilliant smile! You are so beautiful! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  10. hi, Olga thank you for your feedback...I cant translate for you what was said in the videos. Basically, it seems that this sort of tattooing is a pre christian that is an old Slavic tradition, there are historical documents (ancient Roman and German) that describe Slavs as having such tattoos. The reason why it stayed alive among Croats is as I explained a form of protection again enslavement but also in the documentary the woman say that traditionally it was used as a protection against the right of first wedding night practiced by the Ottomans. Supposedly, such tattoos helped women to be left alone.

    The reasons why it remained practiced is probably because of traditional and identity causes. the woman in the videos said they do it because they like it, but I guess it is a way of keeping identity as well. Interesting thing in documentary is that they link the tattoos which folklore clothes (there is similarity in the motifs)...and as they say, the symbol of cross existed in old Slavic times but with the arrival of Christianity it got a new dimension and different meaning....most of these tattoos are variants of the cross symbols...very interesting subject! did the clothes influence tattoos or was it the other way around? who knows for sure?

  11. Love the way your crochet top looks over your black dress and your hat is so cute!


  12. Black can be so ubiquitous and boring, but sometimes it makes a great background for another piece, like that fabulous crochet top. It's a combination that works beautifully.
    I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed going out for lunch - a sign of some sort of return to normal, I guess. xxx

  13. I am so glad to see you out and about and having a degree of normal living again. Your outfit was just perfect, the crochet top looks wonderful over the black dress and your hat is so very pretty. xx

  14. Beautiful hat and your lace top is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.

    I'm was so happy to see you on my site after the enormous disaster that Nepal endured. Sending healing energy your way.

  15. I love the elegance of the lace top over the black dress. I am feeling this way about black lately but you made it very ladylike and lovely! Love the hat as well. Hope things are better soon.

    Thanks for linking up to Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  16. A great way to add layer to your black dress and I love the touches of blue you added to this outfit.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  17. What a cute hat! I am a fan of lace and so I love your top! It enriches your simple and beautiful black dress . The whole outfit is delightful on you!!

  18. I like what you've done! Popped by from Judith's Hat Attack.