Anarkali maxi dress and post-quake wedding

Party maxi anarkali dress decorated with glass beads embroidery

On Sunday we attended a first post-quake festive event: a wedding at our neighbourhood. The party was cancelled but they decided to go ahead with the ceremony after all. Of course, there was no music and dancing, no fancy food. Everything was organised in a quiet, homely manner. I still had not felt like dressing up but for the ceremony I simply had to. And I am glad I did, it really cheered me up. And though there was still tension on the faces and in the eyes of those who came for the event, it was really nice to get together, to forget for a while about what everybody has been through recently. I think people needed it.

Nepalese women wearing festive red saris

Many women as well as me wore red because it is considered a festive colour here. 

Nepalese woman wearing red sari

Nepalese women performing ritual

Family of the groom and guests gathered together at the groom's place. Then we went to the bride's place, where the ceremony were held. Then we took the bride and brought her to the groom's place.

Nepali groom in traditional attire

Nepalese groom and bride in traditional wedding dress

Some interesting pieces of jewelry could be spotted at the event

Gold earrings and hair decorations


Young girl wearing large earrings

Bangles and belt decoration worn by Nepalese woman

My dress is of a burgundy shade. The top part's fabric is velvet decorated with glass beads embroidery and a few rhinestones; the bottom part is made of satin and the hem is also decorated with some embroidery. Bought it in one of the local designers' boutique before the earthquake. Miraculously it didn't need any alterations, it was as if made for me (especially considering the length of the dress and the fact that most of Nepalese women are a head shorter than me).

A day before the ceremony women gathered together to apply mehendi. I also did it. On the photo you can see my hands with applied paste on them and how the ornament looked the next day.

Mehendi before and after

One moment was really amusing when brothers of the bride carried her and the groom on their backs, three circles around the car that was ready to carry the newly-wed couple away.

Brother of the bride carrying the groom on his back

Festive maxi anarkali dress decorated with glass beads embroidery
Life is going on!


  1. I'm pleased that the wedding still went ahead despite the horror of the earthquake. your outfit is gorgeous and the bride and groom are truly stunning. xxx

  2. Hi Olga! I'm glad you are safe! I was so surprised to see Nepali traditional wear in your blog! And being a Nepali myself I was so happy to see our cultural jewelries on your blog!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  3. Those outfits are all so gorgeous and the henna is wonderful. I had that done a few years back and really like it. You look so lovely in your dress, that hem is a big wow! So glad there is normal life, happy rituals taking place in Nepal. The human spirit is so strong! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. It's good that weddings and celebrations still take place because of course you're right - life does indeed go on. And doesn't everyone look fantastic? Your dress is amazing, love the henna designs, and the bride, groom and guests all look beautiful. xxx

  5. I'm so glad that your neighbors decided to go with the party, and that you shared this post with us, Olga! Life goes on, people need to join in happiness, not only in sadness! I love when you write about your life in Nepal, about the traditions, customs, jewelry. Love the group photo of you with other women and girls - can imagine you being a part of the community! You need to write a book about your life there, being from such a different cultural background. About everything - the challenges and the rewards! You are a very talented storyteller and writer. And you look gorgeous in this dress, with all the added accessories! Everyone looks so festive, congratulations to bride and groom - happy life journey! xxx

  6. I wish all the best to this young couple...much happiness and bliss! A marriage is always a happy occasion even when the circumstances are difficult, even without the music.

    Life has to go on...yesterday, I attended a funeral here in Mostar. When I fist arrived here, I didn't understand the customs well- despite the fact that my own home town is 2 hours drive, the traditions are different. It seems strange to me that after funeral people go to lunch to restaurant or home and there is all this eating and so many dishes have to be prepared...it seemed inappropriate to do something that felt so festive for such an occasion. Later on, I realized how important that is to people to connect. It is not about lunch or the meal...people here spend many hours together, they make time for the family that lost somebody, they visit them for days later...and that is a good thing. Now, I'm quite used to it. The person who died yesterday was an older woman who was really dear to me even if she was no relation of mine. I enjoyed spending yesterday with her family even if it means that today will be a busier day for me. The best way to remember those we lost is to live our life the best we can.

    You look lovely in that red dress. For me red is the colour of love...and how fortunate you managed to find the right size. Often maxi dress are too short for me, so I wear them as midi dresses:)

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