Navy blue maxi skirt: ethnic way

My first photoshoot after the earthquake. What have I been wearing these days? Nothing fancy, of course. Mostly it's been loose pants or a maxi skirt paired with a t-shirt. Or something ethnic such as kurta-salwar combination.
Today again I'm wearing my favourite navy blue maxi skirt that has been featured on this blog so many times already. Yet another way to wear it: ethnic. Add an Indian kurta (tunic) with a fancy ethnic motif, large jhumka earrings, a chunky bangle - done.

Also, today I want to show you the Kathmandu valley temples and historical places that were completely destroyed or severely damaged during the quakes. They say that you never know how much you love something until it's gone. I knew that I loved those places, their beauty and their special atmosphere, but only now that they are in ruins I realized just HOW MUCH I really loved them.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square and the town's streets

Basantapur temples

Changu NarayanTemple 

Patan Durbar Suare 

Swayambhunath stupa complex

These monuments will be restored I believe because the Kathmandu valley is not really itself without them, though of course it will take time. Perhaps, some places will not be possible to reconstruct in their original way as for example the medieval streets of Bhaktapur.

Navy blue maxi skirt - Next, peacock motif tunic - Aurelia, metallic bangle - Lucas Jack, jumka earrings - from Nepal, sandals - Refresh

Hope you're having a nice day!
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  1. Wow! You look gorgeous in this ethnic look. Very simple and casual and yet very interesting look. I love how you accessorized the look with silver chunky earrings and bangle. Bug earrings suit you :) also love the blue colour palette and the print on the tunic. The whole outfit looks harmonious and relaxed. Those temples look beautiful. Hope that as much as possible will be rebuilt.

  2. Its heart-breaking to think that those wonderful buildings are lost forever.
    Love the tunic over the maxi skirt, I hadn't thought of wearing one like that and I think I'm inspired! x

  3. This maxi skirt is so versatile. I love its style in every option and I love your tunic. Such a cute pattern and an interesting neckline.
    I really hope that those gorgeous buildings, the heritage of Nepal can be restored and that the people still suffering from the disaster will get help.
    It is good to see that some kind of normal life comes back to you again.
    Sabine xxx

  4. Oh Olga, it must be so heartbreaking to see it with your eyes - such an amazing city with unique ancient culture being so damaged... I wish all the very best to your beloved beautiful town! Prosperity and a beautiful future!

    You look stunning in your blue outfit. Those earrings are massive! Every time I hear the word "kurta", it makes me think how words begin a new life when adapted by new languages. Only living here, at a distance from my language, I realized just how many words in Russian we borrowed from German, French, English - and Asian languages as well. I'd never thought that such a Russian sounding word кабачок comes from Japanese kabocha (a type of squash), for instance. :) There are so many connections that we don't see, yet they are there.

    All the very best to you, hope to see your beautiful smile soon! xxx

  5. You look amazing, dear. That pattern with those colors is so appealing and of course there is gorgeous you.

    I was in a store today that featured items from Nepal, some scarves, baskets, they adorable felt birdhouses, and it made me think of you straight away. Someday soon those birdhouses will make it onto my blog and I will certainly let you know when that happens. Very big hugs for you, dear, and my every kind and healing wish! xoxo

  6. Oh how sad to have lost those beautiful buildings and monuments. I do hope there is a way to rebuild and restore.
    You look wonderful in blue, the tunic with that fabulous peacock print brings a whole new look to your favourite navy maxi skirt. xxx

  7. It is so devastating to see the loss of such amazing buildings and the history involved, I do hope as many as possible will be saved and rebuilt.
    I too love you in the blue skirt with the wonderful, patterned tunic and those beautiful earrings. Take care dear Olga. xx

  8. That maxi denim skirt is loely and I love how paired with the pretty patterned blue tunic it looks like a maxi dress. So effortless, cool and urban-Europian at the same time. =)

    Take Care, Ada. =)

  9. I am sorry for the unfortunate events around you, I am glad you are ok though. Lovely new way to style that lovely maxi dress. Looking lovely!

    Rachel xo
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  10. So sad to see your devestation. You are a beautiful moment amongst it! Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. Such beauty and it is hard to see someting like that when it happens, history and all. Sad hearing of the devastation. I can always count on you to bring wonderful ethnic prints and colors very flattering. I love the earrings, the shape of them,perfect with the look!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  12. It's sad to see the ruins of something you have loved... your country needs a little time, but will be beautiful again and rich in artistic treasures in the future!

    You look gorgeous in blue and those fantastic earrings give your face a special light!

  13. Blue really suits you...such a lovely tunics, so well paired with that maxi skirt...wonderful traditional look.

    It is indeed very sad that those amazing buildings and temples were lost...I hope they will be restored soon as I am sure they play an important part in the lives of people living there.

    I remember you mentioned the medival part of the town and medival streets before..I agree with you that it will be hard to restore those streets, perhaps impossible.

    The loss of human life is the most tragic thing, but it must be hard to part with those beautiful buildings and monuments...I imagine it is bitter sweet seeing those wonderful photographs you have...now those beautiful places are lost.

  14. Amazing photos, Olga, you look lovely. I'm very sad about the quakes, above all for dead people.

    Jasmine x