Pleated labyrinth maxi skirt

Pleated labyrinth skirt with cotton jersey top

I don't know whether this skirt's pattern has any particular name. It reminds me of a labyrinth and so for me this is "my labyrinth skirt". Besides having an eye-catchy pattern, another special feature of this skirt is that it is pleated. The pleating is also interesting: pleats of the upper part are narrow and then they widen at the bottom.

I paired the skirt here with a beige cotton jersey top. The sleeves of the top, however, are of chiffon and have an interesting design.

The necklace is made of fresh water pearls of different shape and colour but also there are stones of citrine and abalone shells in it.

Cotton jersey top with chiffon sleeves; fresh water pearl necklace

These photos were the last taken before the earthquake. It has been almost one month since that major quake. Can't believe it. Still, everything is so fresh in everybody's mind as if it happened yesterday. One third of Kathmandu denizens left, all tourists left and now the city looks rather deserted.

Pleated labyrinth skirt with cotton jersey top
Top- Monsoon, skirt - local, linen shoes - from Belarus, fresh water pearl necklace - Women's Expression (Nepal), bag - Adamis

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  1. That is a lovely skirt. I love those earthy tones when I'm in India, they look so good with the light and don't show up the dust either. Gorgeous necklace, too.
    Has it really been a whole month? That's far too long for people to still be living in fear. xxx

  2. I have just written a comment but I'm afraid that because of my connection it got lost. Never mind, I'll write it again.

    You look lovely in that maxi skirt...the top and the shoes are a wonderful match.

    I think that second quake must have also played a part in the city feeling deserted...it is no wonder people are still afraid. I know I would be. It is sad, but I'm afraid it will take more time for things to get back to normal after such a catastrophic event.

    Last Sunday our local friars organized a fund raising even here in Mostar for Nepal. Everyone could come and have a meal and make a donation. I made a donation but didn't eat because I don't like meat. However, I think it is really positive they organized the event in such a way that people can socialize, eat together and somehow come closer. I saw that orthodox priests came to support the event as well. I think it is a really great way to organize a fundraising event...and as our friar said, just because people in Nepal live far away, doesn't mean they are not close in our hearts.

  3. Love this whole outfit Olga, i like that you named it your Labyrinth skirt, as I have a Rorschack dress! ha, great color and those sandals are sweet!!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  4. That necklace is a gorgeous piece! The top is cool and shows off that beautiful figure so well, dear!! The skirt is lovely and mesmerizing with that amazing pattern. You look so wonderful and stunning! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  5. Elegant and interesting look!!!! The jersey beige top is beautiful especially with those "knotted" sleeves!!!! Also the skirt is amazing...because of pleats it creates a lovely ripple watery effect! Love the shoes and the bag as well!!!! And the fresh water pearl necklace just adds gentle gracefulness to he whole look! You look beautiful! :)

  6. Your skirt and wedge sandals are fantastic for Spring and Summer and the sleeves on that top look fabulous. Great look for May. =)

  7. The skirt is fun, love the color; the sleeves of the top make the whole outfit so much fancier, and your lovely necklace reminds me of one of mine which I purchased recently. Love this whole outfit, but the linen booties are what really caught my attention. :) Hope everything goes back to normal soon for you, guys. Justin's company has this program - when employees donate money, the company matches (doubles the amount). I hope those little things we can do from here help. Take care, Olga! Hugs! xxx

  8. You have found an appropriate name for your skirt! I especially like the top you have paired to it and the detail on the sleeve is lovely!

    Dear Olga, I have thought of you so often after the heartquake! I glanced on your blog and you can't imagine how relieved I was in seeing that you were safe!
    I hope all the best for you and your country...
    a hundred kisses!