Black dress look 3: with a Peter Pan collar top

Today I'm showing the third variant of wearing a basic black dress. After putting on a piece of clothing over the dress in previous looks, this time I tried to wear one under it. As the dress is sleeveless and collarless, to wear something with sleeves and a collar seemed like a good idea. My choice fell on a raspberry-red Peter Pan collar top. I know many women consider Peter Pan collared clothes suitable only for young girls. Apparently, they are too sweet and too girly. Not for me. In my opinion this type of a collar gives feminine, soft and romantic vibe to the look. And what bad is it in looking feminine, soft and romantic at any age?

With the top underneath and added belt my black dress looks like a new, different dress. Raspberry-red shoes and a colourful bag add more colour and dilute the blackness.

The silver dragonfly set with garnet stones is one of my favourite pieces. It can be worn as a brooch or as a pendant. Look at the intricate filigree work.

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Black dress - Giordano, Peter Pan collar top - Next, shoes - Citywalk, bag - Bueno, garnet silver dragonfly brooch/pendant - bought in Nepal, sunglasses - River Island

Have a nice day!


  1. It is a very romantic and feminine look. Something I miss so much and am glad to see! Lovely pin and cool, pretty shoes. You are such a gorgeous, beautiful lady, dear! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. Hello Olga! I found you on Visible Monday. You look beautiful, a very charming outfit and lively colours with a black dress. I especially love the dragonfly brooch!

    Have a fashionable week!
    ♥ carmen


  3. Wow!!! Very fun and feminine look!!! You look great in this outfit! !! I love the way you combined everything so well and that dragonfly is a lovely detail!!!! I agree with you about Peter Pan collars and that nothing wrong with looking feminine, soft and romantic at any age. You also look very slim, that raspberry belt shows off your belt nicely! If I didn't know it was that same black dress I would have thought it was some different dress with a collar. Great way of wearing black dress!!!

  4. Amazing! I would have never guess that you have 2 pieces of clothing on!

  5. I do agree about peter pan collars, I wear them myself and I'm not exactly a girl anymore either:) Another thing I agree about is how that dress looks completely different with that shirt underneath...and the colourful accessories really make a difference. I like how you paired those coloured sandals and belt to give this black dress more dynamic....and the bag is fabulous!

    I was recently given one long black dress and I also wear it with accessories to make it more fun:)


  6. so chic and feminine - love a Peter Pan collar. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  7. Lovely! This dress has so much potential, and you explore it beautifully in such very different looks. This one is the most playful and adorable, and delicately sensual. The intricate brooch, as well as this wild bag are so very YOU! Yes, you definitely are a wild traditionalist too! :) Love the PP collar - I need one myself! xxx

  8. I'm not usually a fan of the Peter Pan collar but in this case I love it! The pink looks great with the black, makes it flirty and fun. Those sandals are gorgeous. x

  9. I personally find black dresses an absolute nessecity in my closet. I can almost wear anything I own with it. Maybe not all looks special but almost. This is the magic of the black dress. If you strech your inagination you can come up with 3 more easily.I like how you run the pink through your accessories. The dragon fly design genious! Is it still rocking in Nepal?

  10. I love Peter Pan collars- this one looks BRILLIANT under the dress- really pretty and totally different from just the dress- very clever. I came over form Visible Monday as your outfit struck me as so pretty!x
    Nice to meet you.x

  11. Love the pink with black, you look elegant and lovely. Great bag and sandals too! xxx

  12. The pink works so very well with your black dress with your raspberry sandals and that colourful bag. I love your brooch, is it a dragonfly.

  13. Beautiful and elegant! :)

  14. Vestido maravilhoso amei o seu blog sucesso seguindo.

  15. Hi Olga~
    I will need to look at your other variations. Love the Peter pan collar and the color with the black. Great brooch, I have a dragonfly vintage one too!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  16. Great outfit! I host a link up every week and would love you to stop by and add a link :)


  17. I absolutely agree about the Peter Pan collar top on you! Keep on wearing it as you look fab!! At first sight it seems part of the black dress...This is my favourite of your three outfits! Very beautiful brooch too...