Floral with a bit of stripes

Floral top worn with floral skirt

Monsoon has arrived and brought some coolness and freshness with it. Though it brings some discomfort as well but at least now you don't sweat constantly and don't have to water flowers in your garden two times a day, monsoon does it for you! If you have never experienced living through the monsoon months you don't really know what it is. I will give you some clues. Monsoon, it is when it can literally pour without stop for several days in a row; it is when the air becomes so thick with humidity that it feels like you can cut it through; it is when all types of creatures - spiders, ants, lizards and sometimes even snakes - consider your house a safe place for themselves to live in till rains are over; it is when you need to air your closet a couple of times a week otherwise all your clothes will get smelly and covered with white spots of mold; it is when you wake up in the morning lying on the wet sheets because they have absorbed moisture from too humid air. That is monsoon...

Floral roses and stripes skirt worn with floral print top

So, to the outfit now. All pinkish floral today with a stripy belt. The belt comes not out of the blue. If you have a closer look at the skirt's print you will notice there are stripes among roses, too.

Floral top, floral roses and stripes skirt, stripy belt

The accessorizing jewelries are in green today: a simple beaded bangle and glass earrings in the shape of leaves.

Green glass earrings in shape of leaves

Linking up with Jess' Turning Heads Tuesday

Skirt - River Island , top - Benetton, shoes - Bentley, beaded bangle - from India, earrings - Women's Creations (Nepal).

Have a nice day!


  1. Such a lovely floral look! The skirt is gorgeous...how wonderful that the print contaibs both the stripes and the floral print...the blouse is delighful...so classy and chic.. the striped belt really ties it all together.

    You look utterly beautiful and feminine in this outfit...

    The moobsoon season does not sound fun, but at least it doesn't last forever.

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  3. You look so stunning in that floral outfit
    The earrings are so adorable

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  4. Both your floral skirt and that top are so pretty. The double florals work so well since all the colors are muted and pastel. Great shoes too. And besides me, you are like the tenth blogger today that I see with a pretty floral skirt, on. =) Great minds think alike!

    Take care, Ada. =)

  5. What a cool and pretty outfit. We've never experienced monsoon proper but have been in India at the end of April when Goa is alive with electrical storms and typhoons. xxx

  6. Another beautiful outfit ! You look fabulous in that look :) x

  7. I love the strength of that belt in amongst the soft roses. And your jewellery is gorgeous. I especially love your earrings!
    We lived in NZ for three years where it constantly rains after living in dry Australia. The damp is so different, with no clothes drying on the line, and everything moulding. Not quite as extreme as monsoon though. Hope no snakes shelter in your house this season! Xo Jazzy Jack

  8. First, I am in LOVE with those glass leaf earrings! So pretty Olga, I like the 2 flaral patterns and the orchid color of the first top. Lovely mix!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  9. Those 2 pieces are paired so perfectly, dear :) I like florals so much, always happy prints. The belt tying them together is so smart and those earrings are beautiful.

    I am certainly not coming to visit during monsoon season. You said spiders and I called my travel agent to cancel :)

    You are so lovely dear and I very much appreciate all your kind words on my blog. Such a sweetie! xoxo

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  10. A very pretty combination , I always like florals with stripes , it makes them more grown up. As usual your jewellery is simply stunning, those glass ear rings are simply wonderful. We do not have a wet season here but the northern areas of Australia do, avoid those creepy crawlies and try to stay dry and safe. XX

  11. A gorgeously pretty and feminine outfit, Olga - lovely soft colours and prints.
    Monsoon season sounds... challenging! xxx

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  13. I love this look on you...very fresh and summery as well!!! The skirt looks great on you and that striped belt is perfect for the stripes and flowers theme and does a great job at showing off your waist. Lovely silhouette. Love how you also accessoried it with simple yet matching jewellery, all within the flower theme. Perfect for got weather since you don't want to be clustered with too much things. Now about monsoon ...I could handle most of it...but all those creatures that creep into your house for safety. ....how do you sleep at nights.... scary. ....

  14. I love how you combined this top with this skirt! They look perfect together.
    Monsoon season, ugh! It sounds challenging. I've read about it but never experienced it. I've lived in a country with rainy seasons, well, even Vancouver, but nothing like that. Stay cool, my friend.

  15. Hi! I just popped by from the Link up. I adore this outfit! Monsoon sounds awfully uncomfortable and yet you look so lovely & feminine. I hope you are out of the monsoon season soon. Have a wonderful weekend!☺


  16. Hi! I just popped by from the Link up. I adore this outfit! Monsoon sounds awfully uncomfortable and yet you look so lovely & feminine. I hope you are out of the monsoon season soon. Have a wonderful weekend!☺


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