Floral dress with pockets

Monsoon floral dress worn with platform sandals

Yesterday it was four months since the major earthquake here in Nepal. Not that long, just four months but honestly it seems to me now that much much more time has passed. During first two months after the event it had been constantly on my mind but now I rarely think about it though we still experience aftershocks (just the other day a 5.1 temblor was felt in Kathmandu). Most of the destroyed buildings have been demolished by now though collapsed walls and cracked houses can still be seen here and there. Yet eyes got used to the sight and it doesn't look as disturbing as during the first months. I feel completely myself again. Life is going on as if nothing ever happened. Interesting, isn't it? Well, today I am wearing a new dress and new shoes. The floral beauty is from Monsoon. As always with this brand I was attracted by the lovely print which combines so many colours yet doesn't look overwhelming. It actually reminds me of Mughal floral paintings.

Floral dress
Floor covering, embroidery. Design of flowers on white ground. India, Mughal period, 18th century.  Tokyo National Museum

As you can see the print on the bottom part of the dress is not floral but rather geometrical. Both patterns though look harmonious together.

Interesting thing about the shoes is that they are decorated with red wooden beads. This deserves a closer look

Platform sandals decorated with wooden beads

Additional thing that I like about this dress is that it has pockets

Dress - Monsoon, platform sandals - SaintG, bangle and ring - local

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  1. I love the print on your dress and the slinky fit. All dresses are nicer with pockets, too!
    Love the wedges. x

  2. You look amazing in this simple cut and unique print dress!!! I love the various colours ans patterns on the dress and the pockets give it a lovely relaxed but still elegant touch! The platform shoes with red wooden beads are great and suit this look!!! Love your hair colour and style as well, goes well with this look and red lips :) :) :)

  3. Thumbs up for the pockets! Monsoon do such fabulous prints and you're right it really does look like a Mughal floral paintings. The cut is wonderful on you and the dress and shoes were made for each other.


  4. Sencillamente un vestido hermoso y los zapatos me encantan !!!

  5. So happy you are feeling more fully yourself again, dear! I have never experienced a tragedy of that proportion that closely so I have no idea what you went through. But I am glad you are getting the healing you need. Such a gorgeous dress, in pattern, color and style! It does remind me of a fancy rug one might see hanging in a museum but instead it is hanging on lovely you :) Those beaded shoes are so pretty too! Thank you for all your sweet support here and on IG. I really appreciate it!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. This is a beautiful dress with gorgeous prints. I love skirts/dresses with pockets too, it is just so convenient with them. Prayers still for the recovering Nepal.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclsasymom

  7. That dress fits you perfectly. I really like the print, it does look like that Mughal painting you showed us. The lenght of the dress is great and the pockets are always a nice touch. Those beaded wedges match this dress wonderfully! You look beautiful and chic.

    I'm glad to hear that life is returning to normal in Nepal. Human spirit is an amazing thing.

  8. Gorgeous pattern matching. And the lovely border.
    Your shoes are also interesting.
    You did it again you elegant person.
    So glad things are settling back to normal after the earthquakes. Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. Hi Olga! I'm happy I've found out you and your blog! We have a sweet mutual friend, so I thought you have to be a sweet person, no doubt :)))))
    I'm glad to read the things are better in Nepal, it was a terrible tragedy.
    I'm in love with your dress! The floral print is beautiful and the colors of your shoes and bracelet fit with your hair :)))) I love it!
    Have a great week end!
    Ariarosso - Different T-shirt, different people

  10. I am glad to hear that your are feeling better nan life is returning back to normal. I live in earthquake zone area and it always scares me when I feel one. This dress is just stunning on you and it's even better that it has pockets!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week.


  11. Dear Olga,
    What a beautiful floral navy dress! :) I love the details of the bottom. I have missed this blog and I'm just happy that I'm back now.