Sea horse jewelry

Sea horse earrings

Just showing off today my new sea horse earrings that I found recently in a local boutique. Nothing that much special about them, bijouterie, and yet I couldn't resist them, so cute and pretty they seemed to me. I believe it is the sea horse design that attracted me in the first place. That's how the earrings look on me. Obviously, any sea theme jewelry would look great accessorizing a nautical outfit and so I am wearing one here.

Nautical theme outfit accessorized with sea horse earrings
This mystical little being in spite of odd appearance doesn't fail to charm with its beauty and delicate nature. No wonder this creature inspires so many jewelry designers. I found just a few examples and what stunning pieces they are!

sea horse luxury jewelry
Faberge Sadko Sea Horse brooch. Recalling the magical Kingdom of the Blue Seas in the famous Russian fable of Sadko, the Bard, this charismatic, enigmatic sea horse is encrusted with sea-coloured gems, alexandrites, green demantoid garnets, paraiba tourmalines, tsavorites, shaded with violet sapphires, yellow and violet diamonds, wrapped in white diamond seaweed.

sea horse luxury jewelry
Mathon Paris 'Hippocampe' Necklace/Brooch in White gold with Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Pink and purple sapphires, White and Black opals and Paraiba tourmalines. source

sea horse luxury jewelry
Tiffany&Co Seahorse Brooch’ by Jean Schlumberger set with peridots, ruby and diamonds in 18 carat gold. source  

sea horse fine jewelry
Craig Evan Small Malachite and diamonds Sea Horse set in 18 karat gold. source

sea horse luxury jewelry
Lydia Courteille Meridian Jewelers Aspen, CO. 18K oxidized white gold Seahorse cocktail ring featuring an Opal accented with Garnets, Sapphires and Amethysts. source

And finally, my favourite piece. Just wow!

Sea horse luxury jewelry
Master Exclusive Sea Horse pendant 18K yellow and white gold, baroque pearl, opals, diamonds, blue diamonds, blue sapphires, tsavority, demantoid garnets. 


  1. Those are cute and you made a gorgeous look to go with them! Sea horses are fun :) Very lovely lady!!

  2. Wow, there are some seriously beautiful blinged-up sea horses there!
    Your earrings are very pretty. xxx

  3. Your seahorses are beautiful. I like the last one too. Breathtaking.

  4. Wow! !!! Very beautiful seahorse design jewellery! !!! The designs are so creative, colourful and delicate as well!!! I like your seahorse earrings! They look great in the nautical themed outfit! You look lovely! Perhaps these sea horse earrings are your first to your new collection ;)

  5. Dear Olga how beautiful the design of jewelry. My favorite still those that you wear.
    and sea horse is my favorite creature in the sea as well.

    Have a good day Olga.

  6. My cousin Dino has a tattoo of a sea horse and I always thought it was adorable. I always loved sea horses...when I was a child, I remember how mesmerized I was when someone gave me a dried sea horse (that they found on the beach or something like that). I was so fascinated by it, I wasn't quite sure whether it is a real being or a shell of some kind.

    Anyhow, the earrings you got are beautiful and they look lovely on you. Sea horses are beautiful ....it is no wonder they inspire so many artists and designers. Maybe I should try to make some kind of sea horses in a form of a necklace. I promised kids at one association where I volunteer that I will teach them to sew necklaces, so maybe this is a good idea. You see how you inspired me!

  7. Cute shirt :)
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    Maria V.

  8. Lovely selection of seahorses! I like them in jewelry ... your earrings are very cute and your outfit is a jump back into the summer!

  9. Seahorses are beautiful creatures and seriously endangered due to habitat destruction as well as due to use in traditional Chinese medicine. It would be wonderful if a decent percentage if all new expensive jewelry with designs of ocean creatures would be used to protect our oceans. Won't happen but certainly would be nice.

  10. Nice jewellery. Thanks for sharing this post.