Singapore: chilling out in the Gardens

Floral dress and floral sandals

As I have mentioned in my previous post this year's visit to Singapore was my fifth one. My very first one took place exactly 20 years ago and lasted for one month. And it was then that I fall in love with this city. I am not sure what charmed me more: its whole-year-round nice weather, or the city's mixture of modern and old ; the cleanness of its streets or the variety of cultural traditions; its beautiful parks or its impressive skyscrapers. Whatever it was, the fact is that I keep coming to this city again and again.

Twenty years ago in the Japanese Gardens

 During these twenty years Singapore has changed, and at the same time hasn't changed. Every time I come, there is something new to explore, something new to admire; there are many new buildings and sculptures and some streets are hardly recognizeable, so different they look from what I remember. But still the atmosphere is same and perhaps that was the atmosphere of this city that I fall in love with. 

Ten years ago, with my daughters

As our visit this time was a short one, we didn't want to visit places we'd already been to, like the Zoo, the Jurong Bird Park, the Chinese or Japanese Gardens. Those are really nice and beautiful places worth visiting, especially the Zoo - the best ever zoo I have been to, highly recommend. This time my main aim was the Gardens by the Bay, a new Singapore attraction that has already been nominated for "The Best Local Attraction" award in the SG Readers’ Choice Awards 2015.

Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Inside the Cloud Forest Conservatory

Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Inside the Cloud Forest Conservatory

This botanical garden features flora from many different climates - hundred thousands of plants, trees, flowers and bushes - as well as some fascinating architecture at the same time. The main attractions are two Conservatories (which won the World Building of the Year Award in 2012) - the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.

Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, SingaporeExotic trees inside the Flower Dome 

The Flower Dome replicates seven different gardens and features plants found in the Mediterranean and parts of Australia, South America and South Africa. During our visit there was additional floral display "Celebration of Chrisanthemums" at the pavilion. Honestly, I'd had no idea so many varieties of this flower exist.

Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Black dress with floral print
Black floral dress and floral sandals
My floral dress and sandals matched the surroundings perfectly. Several women expressed their admiration and even asked whether I bought the dress at the Gardens' souvenir shop. Dress - from Moscow, sandals and bag - Steve Madden

Varieties of chrysanthemums

Yellow and white chrysanthemums

The Cloud Forest replicates the cool moist conditions found in tropical mountain regions  in South-East Asia, Middle- and South America. It’s like stepping into a different world altogether. As you enter the dome, you are greeted by a real waterfall. From there, you climb a circular path, making your way higher and higher, and closer to the top of the waterfall. 

Cloud Mountain construction at the Cloud Forest Conservatory

Tropical flowers


There are hundreds of blooming flowers on the way, particularly orchids, and it is hard to resist photographing them all. 


Kangaroo paw flowers
This plant's name is Kangaroo Paw

Among all the plants and flowers of both Conservatories  there are numerous sculptures here and there made of stones or wood which add additional beauty and interest to the surroundings. 

Horse sculpture at the Gardens by the Bay

Women with children sculpture at the Gardens by the Bay
Simba sculpture at the Gardens by the Bay

Dragon sculpture at the Gardens by the Bay

Another main attraction is the "super-trees" - vertical tree-shaped structures, 25 to 50m in height, covered in green: orchids, ferns, tropical flowering climbers. They light up in the evening turning the surroundings into a fairy-tale sight. There is also a 22m high walkway, the OCBC Skyway, between two of the larger Super-trees where you can enjoy a panoramic aerial view of the Gardens as well as test yourself: though I have no fear of heights walking there was slightly uncomfortable.

Super trees at the Gardens by the Bay

Couple of birds getting ready for the night

Taking photos from the Skyway

View of the Super trees from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Night view on the Super trees from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

We spent almost the whole day at the Gardens, I enjoyed it so much. Of course, if flowers and plants are not your idea of fun this place is not for you. Though still the architecture and the sculptures are worth visiting.

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  1. That is so cool that you have been to Singapore, Olga. These gardens are so naturally gorgeous. Look at all those beautiful flowers. You are like a blooming flower too. I love your dress and sandals. The florals match so well together, Olga.


  2. That botanical print dress is the perfect frock for your trip! I love a botanical garden, we always seek them out. You've barely changed! xxx

  3. This whole post is fantastic. From the flowers and the stunning photos you took to the last 2 photos where I was impressed by the architecture. But for me I mostly loved the photo of you and your beautiful flowers, your daughters. And of course the photo of yours 20 years back. So innocent back then and so full of caracter now! I've never been to a votanical garden but seems worth it.

  4. how little you have changed...you still look a lot like you did 20 years ago:) Some people change very little with age. Nice flashback of you in that garden and that more recent photo of you and your daughter is so lovely.

    You always look so feminine and chic. This garden is magical. I'm sure it is the perfect place to relax in Singapore:)

  5. I love that you wore a floral dress to the gardens. A bloom amongst many blooms! And what fantastic photos. Sounds like an amazing place.

  6. What an amazing place. Those last 2 shots gave me a good scope of how giant the place is. I adore taking pictures of plants and yes orchids are impossible to resist, because they seem so impossible themselves. Both your flashback pictures were so sweet but that first picture was my favorite! I have missed your wonderful outfit posts so much and especially those long, beautiful legs!!! So wow dear :)

  7. Gorgeous photos Olga , so many glorious floral displays in one place, my idea of a wonderful way to spend the day. I love the way you too bloom so beautifully in the gardens. As others have said you really haven't changed very much over the years.