Wandering around the Ancient Town of Hoi An

Old Town of Hoi An

From the hotel we were staying in there was a free everyday shuttle service to Hoi An. So, there was no problem with getting there at any time: in the morning, at the day time or in the evening. The ride takes just around 10 min. And definitely the town is worth visiting. The main attraction of course is the Ancient Town, UNESCO World Heritage site. In past Hoi An served as a major South East Asian trading port and the surviving buildings reflect the influences of different cultures, mostly Chinese and Japanese. No cars or motorbikes are allowed in the area so one can really enjoy wandering around the old streets.

Ancient Town street in Hoi An

Street scenes in Hoi An
This is a cute little town within town with its own unique atmosphere and special charm. Early in the morning the place is rather quiet, with occasional tourists only, the right time in my opinion to explore the place peacefully. There are many temples, pagodas and ancient houses there. The Old Town's architecture is really spectacular – a mix of French colonial, Chinese and Japanese but majority of these beautiful old buildings are occupied by restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and tailors.

Me on the river bridge in Hoi An

Old house in Hoi An

Ticket gives you permission to enter five of the places of your choice: one museum, one assembly hall, one old house, one temple and the Japanese bridge. We chose to go the Folk Museum but I wish we would have chosen a different one because this museum turned out to be a complete disappointment for me. The Chinese Assembly Hall impressed me with numerous bright and colourful paintings on the walls and with the gigantic dragon sculpture in the centre of the yard and the most impressive thing in the Old House was beautiful mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture.

Inner yard of the Chinese Assembly Hall in Hoi An

Dragon sculpture in Hoi An

Chinese paintings at the Assembly Hall in Hoi An

Mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture inside the old house in Hoi An
Musician playing traditional instrument during performance in Hoi An
Sculptures on the streets of Old Town of Hoi An

When you get tired of walking around you can take a boat tour during which you will be able to give a rest to your legs, cool down and enjoy beautiful river scenery.

River boat tour in Hoi An

River boat tour in Hoi An

River boat tour in Hoi An
After the sun goes down the town brightens up with hundreds of lit lanterns. At this time the streets looks especially beautiful and are crowded with tourists. The souvenir sellers too become more active and from different sides you can hear their "buy something from me please".

Lanterns lit Old Town of Hoi An

Streets of Hoi An in the evening

Yes, the Old Town is a bit too touristy and commercialized to my taste but still, it is a very charming, beautiful and atmospheric place.

Vietnamese dancers performing in Hoi An

Street food in Hoi An Vietnam


  1. You match that column perfectly in your fabulous maxi!
    Hoi An looks utterly captivating with loads of culture and things to see and do,. xxx

  2. Ha, ha, I was going to say the same thing as Vix as soon as I saw that photo. Wow, what stunning colours - both dress and column! Lovely seeing such vibrant colours in the photos.


  3. It is like you took a time machine a century back at least. How magical and yes it sounds so peaceful. Perhaps such a place is where I truly belong as I often feel out of time here. I appreciate so much you sharing these amazing shots of places I will never get to visit myself. So often I see pictures of big cities that everyone goes to and they are fine, but places like this give my heart hope that there are still places different in the world. Oh, and you look gorgeous by the way, so wow :)

  4. This ancient town is wonderful...thanks for sharing and you look divine:)

  5. sorry to hear about choosing the wrong museum but at least other places were fun to see. Have a lovely day!