Summer outfits throwback: Belarus

Violet skirt and top and fuchsia jacket

Hello! Seems like after three months vacation it is so hard to get back to my usual everyday routine. Anyway, here are a few more summer outfits that I haven't shown before. These were worn during my stay in Belarus. Luckily, the weather in Belarus was so much better that in London and so, I could finally show off some of my summer dresses that had been collecting dust in my suitcase while I was in London.
 I like bright colour palette of this first look. The fuchsia jacket looks stunning against the violet of the top underneath. The pleated skirt in slightly darker violet is made from silk. It is so delicate and soft and light - a pure pleasure to wear.

Pleated silk maxi skirt worn with jacket

The necklace was love from the first sight. It was from French Connection and rather pricey but I couldn't say no to it, so much I liked it. It imitates flower petals and leaves and it looks like they are made from glass though in reality it is some other material, much lighter. Here it is same necklace worn with different outfit.

Flower petals necklace and Moschino bag

The floral motif of the necklace matches that of the skirt. The green Moschino bag was a gift from my daughter.

Floral midi skirt, black top and flower petals necklace

On some hot days I wore this black and white dress. Surprisingly, my mom was shocked at the "immodest" shortness of it, haha. The lower part of the dress is decorated with white lacy details and the top - with crochet and some pearly beads. I love it.

Black and white dress decorated with crochet, lace and beads

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Have a nice day!

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  1. WOW!!! Love all three different looks!!! You looks stunning in all of them!!! In the first look love the purple pleated skirt and how whole look was created in shades of violet and fuchsia shades, even necklace had some of the purple and your lipstick too!!! Great navy touches in the bag and shoes really made the purple stand out. Also really loveing your hair colour, great contrast!!! Second look is also amazing! That flowery skirt is adorable, and the green Moschino bag is lovely!!! The earrings match your necklace very nicely! Then, the black and white dress in the third look is beautiful!!! It really suits you and perfect for hot summer days!!! Love the black shoes and the bag you wore with that dress!!! Looks like you had fun dressing up in Belarus!!! Glad weather there was much nicer than London!!! :) :) :)

  2. love all of your Summer outfits here! The first one with the plaid maxi skirt is so lovely, I love how it feels both feminine and relax. The second outfit is also fabulous, so dressed up and elegant...and I do like that necklace, the way it matches the floral midi skirt is amazing. The third outfit is also fantastic, love that dress on you...it has a nineties feel to it and I like that.

  3. The colours of your first outfit, Olga are wonderful! And that pleated maxi skirt is gorgeous on you.
    And that necklace is beautiful with both outfits you're wearing it with. I love how in the second you really see the greens in the necklace and in the first the pinks. Beautiful.


  4. Love all three, but the last one is my favorite! And that necklace is beautiful! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, dear, each one is so lovely! From the first one, that purple top is my favorite. Such a beautiful color! The second one that cool necklace shows up even better and your bag is gorgeous. And that black top shows off those stunning breasts so wonderfully! And that dress is such a brilliant patterns, so amazing. Such fantastic legs too ;) Wow!!!

  6. Hi, Olga. Gorgeous colors. You wear and style color soooo well. I especially love that middle outfit with the beautiful floral skirt, black top, and pretty green purse.

  7. Beautiful outfits, Olga! I think I love the black and white dress the most. thanks so much for sharing, xo


  8. You always look like you're having so much fun dressing up, Olga! I love how you wore your necklace with a variety of outfits. Gorgeous colors, and the green bag is precious!

    Come join my new link-up - I think you'll enjoy our themes, it is Pattern Mix this month. We'll be exploring art next time. :)

  9. Such gorgeous outfits you wore in Belarus, Olga. The first one is my favorite. The combination of purples and pinks is awesome! That necklace is a true stunner. It matches the gorgeous midi skirt, beautifully!

  10. I've never got into maxi dresses, Vix is keeps trying me out with them. You wear them so well
    Lynn xx