Casual maxi skirt

Casual look with floral skirt and cardigan

It's getting warmer and warmer here, no need for a coat or a jacket anymore, at least during day time. A very casual look today but brightened up with a lovely print of the skirt. The skirt was not bought anywhere but made from an old sari. Actually it was not old but rather useless: it turned out that the fabric was not that good for draping. And so, the sari ended up as a skirt...

Casual outfit with floral maxi skirt and cardigan

The print was just too pretty to let it collect dust on the shelf in my closet.

Floral print maxi skirt

Pairing the skirt here with a light brown cardigan worn over a magenta top and accessorized with a lilac scarf, same colour earrings and a coconut shell necklace.

Brownish cardigan over magenta top with lilac scarf and earrings

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Casual style: floral maxi skirt with cardigan Floral maxi skirt - made from sari, top and cardigan - Bossini, shoes - Bentley, pashmina scarf - from Nepal, necklace - from Sri Lanka, earrings - from Singapore 

Have a nice day!

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  1. Wow!!! Looking very pretty!!! Love the coloir combinations!!! What a cool idea to turn sari into a skirt!!! The print and colour of the skirt are gorgeous!!!! Love how you accessorised your look with those boots, they accessorised Ddinbych a bit of twist to the whole look :)

  2. You look gorgeous, and I really like the idea of a sari for a skirt. It'll be warm here too in a couple of weeks. xox


  3. as a skirt it drapes beautifully!
    gorgeous colors and print! well done to use that fabric - and your combination with the other pieces make for a fab outfit!
    cute cat in the background :-)

  4. Very pretty skirt, great reuse! And I love the cat photo bomb!

  5. The skirt is marvellous, Olga! I love the bright colors.
    Sabine xxx

  6. This maxi skirt is fabulous! Love the colours and print!
    We still have to suffer for a couple of months before spring arrives.



  7. Great idea to have a new skirt instead of the sari if you were rarely wearing it! It has a lovely print. I like magenta and lilac colour together!

  8. I love how you coordinated colours...I'm not sure are you wearing socks or tights but either way I really like how it matches your skirt and top!plus, that skirt made from a sari is very pretty- you're right, that print is too gorgeous to go to waste....and I do like the scarf and the cardi. You look beautiful.