African jungles inspired outfit

African print skirt, light green woolen sweater, suede boots

Hello stylish ladies! My today's outfit is inspired by Photowall, a Swedish wall decor company that makes top-quality products to help you create a room of your dream. There you will find an unimaginable choice of designer wallpapers , wall murals, canvas prints, and posters. When I was contacted by the company and suggested to choose any product I wish, it turned out to be not an easy task for me because of the variety of designs they have to offer. I knew that I wanted a canvas print for my dining room and I browsed through hundreds of images: animals, landscapes, fantasy, movie posters, maps, arts, foods...I can't even remember all the themes they have. In the end, I decided on this Gorilla print. The image somehow appealed to me, I imagined this ape peeping through the greenery straight into our dining room. I liked his clever and slightly sad eyes. Besides, the print would match the room's walls color and the jungles behind the room's windows.

light green wool cashmere sweater, Da Milano bag and amber beads necklace

The company impressed me with their service, too. I put my order on Sunday, got a shipping confirmation e-mail on Monday and...I got my package on Tuesday. And this is considering that I live in Nepal...and where Sweden is and where Nepal is. That was the speediest delivery I've ever experienced while living in Nepal. Everything arrived in perfect condition. The print came with the easy to assemble recyclable wood frame and hanging wire and it really took me and my husband just 20 min to hang our finished canvas print on the wall.
Great news for those who's got interested in the company and been thinking about buying something from them. During one month from the day this post has been published, there will be a very special discount of 25% for my readers on any product. Just use code localmoda2020 to get it!

African theme print skirt

So, you may ask me how this canvas print has inspired my today's look? Looking at the gorilla I thought about Africa and then I remembered that I have an African theme print skirt. The skirt is rather a garment for summer but who said that summer things can be worn only in summer. I paired the skirt with a light green sweater - again, the color choice came from all that greenery surrounding the gorilla. The sweater has 40% wool and 20% cashmere in its composition, so I could be sure that it would keep me warm.
I always like to add a necklace to my outfits as I think a correctly chosen necklace can improve even the most boring outfit, spice it up and make it look more interesting. Here I decided to wear a natural amber beads necklace. It matches with the skirt's color and creates a beautiful contrast against the sweater.
gorilla canvas print, Africa inspired skirt, woolen sweaterSweater - Balmain Uno, skirt - Warehouse, boots - Salt&Pepper, bag - DaMilano, gorilla canvas print - Photowall

Brown suede boots and a green bag complete this simple yet pretty and elegant casual look. And my summer skirt got its chance to make an appearance in winter!

And in these posts you can see 1) same skirt worn in summer and 2) my another African inspired print skirt

Have a nice day!


  1. That print with gorilla is amazing!!! Great choice!!! It also goes really with the green wall and that little table wirh green kettle there as well. The delivery is extremly quick indeed. When in order things within UK to be delivered to me in London, it takes longer! Alsonypu outfit is amazing! That skirt is stunning and the sage green colour of jumper is perfect. Indeed it goes very well with the gorilla print. Love all the colours in your outfit!!! Necklace and burnt orange boots really compliment your look (and bag too heheh) also wanted tobsay, love your hair!!! It has grown quite a bit 😍😀😎

  2. What an great timeline on delivery: that is pretty impressive. Great choice, that gorilla is majestic. Love how you winterized your skirt, that is a very pretty look.

  3. Hi, I am Nicole Mölders, the blogger at High Latitude Style, a blog about fashion, life and science at the Last Frontier. I came across your blog at Jess' Turning Heads linkup. Your great print skirt caught my eyes. Now browsing through your blog, I realized that we both have a common interest in ethnic clothing. I am glad I found your blog.

  4. That gorilla print is brilliant. Gorillas are such noble creature and that photograph really captures the intelligence and the wisdom of their eyes. I'd love to have an art print like that too.

    I also really like your outfit. The African print skirt looks great paired with a green sweater and boots. You look very pretty and chic.

  5. I love the print! I would think of the jungle and animals straight away! I love your skirt and the green sweater is perfect for depicting the lush greenery in the jungle. Cute booties too!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  6. What a great printed skirt! I love the green knit with it and you picked so well for the art to go on your wall, it works so nicely in the room! :)

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  7. I lke your style..
    your are so beautiful ..