Sweater over pencil dress

slate grey fluffy sweater over pencil dress

Hello stylish ladies! From all the colors that exist my less favorite perhaps is grey. Especially for clothes. Firstly, the color seems rather boring to me, secondly, I think it doesn't go well with my complexion. But look at me today - wearing grey all over! This is a more interesting shade of grey though, so-called slate grey, that has slight azure tinge in it.
In spite of me not liking grey I couldn't resist this sweater: the knitting pattern and the fluff make it pretty enough on their own but besides that, the sweater goes nicely sparkly under the light. Real beauty!

Did you know? Historically, grey was the color of undyed wool, the material commonly worn by peasants and the poor. The wealthier classes often used expensive and rare pigments to dye their garments, removing the natural grey hue. During the 19th and 20th centuries, grey became the color of sensible workwear for men. The first grey business suit appeared in London in the mid-19th Century. A light grey suit was worn for summer, and a dark grey for winter, a trend that still has lasting relevance in the corporate world today. Grey was also the color of clothing worn by women who worked in factories in Paris during the 19th century, earning them the name grisettes. (from french 'gris' grey).

fluffy sparkly sweater over pencil dress

I thought the sweater would go nice with my cutwork felt maxi skirt that, too, happened to be in grey. But the shades turned out to be different and didn't go well together. But then I remembered that I have a dress in slate grey. This is a sleeveless pencil dress with 50% wool in its fabric composition and because of it I haven't worn it that often: I feel hot in it in summer and because it's sleeveless I feel cold in it in winter. Pairing it with a sweater could be a good idea for wearing it in colder weather. And this fluffy sweater could be a perfect match. So, I tried them both together and yes, I liked the result. The pencil shape of the dress doesn't let me look bulkier and the visible part from under the sweater looks actually like a pencil skirt.

slate grey fluffy sweater worn over pencil skirt

I added black high boots, a necklace, and a black barrel handbag and that was my completed look for the day.

fluffy sweater, pencil dress, high boots and barrel handbagSweater - local market, pencil dress - Monsoon, bag - Steve Madden

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Have a nice day!


  1. Beautiful look!!! That sweater does look interesting...it almost has grey/violet shades in it which are very flattering on you. The dress with pencil skirt goes perfectly with it in style and colour. It's probably because the dress is cool grey. I am not a fan of grey either....usually i look dull and grey in it hehe love how you accessorized your look as well. Those black boots are perfect on you and that black bag perfectly finishes off your look! Ps
    Your hair and red lipstick nicely add pop of coloir as well to yoir look :) :) :)

  2. I always love to read the history of fashion and garments. I do love a soft medium grey. Your sweater is lovely and it does have a blue cast to it. Love your quilted bag too!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  3. your sweater is lovely and also you look very pretty
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