Nepali brides and grooms in traditional dress

I've been lucky to attend many Nepalese weddings. And here are some photos of "heroes" of any wedding - brides and grooms. I suppose in any country these two have to look spectacular because it is their day and the eyes of all the guests are on them.
The traditional Nepalese outfit for the groom is Daura Suruwal. It used to be the official dress during the Rana regime. You will not confuse Daura Suruwal with anything else because it is made of a special fabric, dhaka. The groom wears mathching dhaka topi (a hat) and shoes along with a patuka (a belt) wrapped around his waist. Honestly, for me it is just too much speckled. Some tuck a khukuri in the belt while some not.

Another popular outfit for grooms comes from India. It is Sherwani - a long coat worn over kurta and churidar or pajama pants. The outfit used to be the court dress of royals and noblemen in India. Sherwani may be decorated with colourful embroidered patterns.

Many Nepali grooms, however, prefer a western three piece suit - trousers, waistcoat and coat, worn with a tie. They find it more stylish.

Nepali brides traditionally wear either a sari of rich heavy fabrics, sometimes decorated with embroidery, or lehenga, also with embroidery or stones studded. Many golden jewelry on different parts of the body is a must as well.

One time I was at a Thakali wedding. And while the bride was dressed in a traditional red sari, the groom, wearing a classic western suit, had however one unusual detail - a huge white turban on his head. Though for me it looked a bit like a big towel.

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