Rutilated quartz - a natural antidepressant

Once upon a time I had a bangle with a beautiful turquoise stone. But one day the stone fell out unnoticed and got lost. The bangle has stayed this way for some time and finally I remembered about it and decided to repair. But as now I have another beautiful turquoise bracelet I wanted to a different stone. And I've chosen quartz, and not the ordinary one but rutilated. Rutiles are small needle-like inclusions inside and they really make the stone look more interesting. Thanks to these inclusions the stone got a couple of poetic names, like "Venus' hair" or "arrows of love". These rutiles can be red, yellow or, as in my case, black. They can create different patterns and of course, the more rare and unique rutiles' desing inside the stone, the more valuable it will be.
As always is the case with stones, rutilated quartz is believed to have some magical powers: it helps to get rid of fears, phobias and anxiety, of any negative energy and of bad moods. Actually, it works as an antidepressant. It is also said that if you want to change direction of your life, you should wear rutilated quartz.
Here are a few photos of beautiful jewelry with rutilated quartz that I found on the net

earrings by Frederic Sage

earrings lfrankjewelry

a ring delynjewelry


  1. Interesting stones and info about how they're believed to affect our moods and life.

  2. Would love to buy the charcoal square cut silver ring.