Black cat t-shirt

This t-shirt I bought in Belarus and yesterday it was first time I wore it. Being a cat lover, of course I couldn't miss this top. They had it in my mom's size as well and I suggested her to buy it too and then one day to go out both wearing the same garment (me and my daughters like doing such thing from time to time, just for fun). But she refused, said "black cat on my bust would be too much for my age and for my size". Maybe she was right but I like it how this black cat looks on my bust :)

Again we went to the lake I wrote about before to feed fish. At monsoon there is no big choice of  places where you can go to on weekend: it may start raining at any time and the roads are really in terrible condition. You would not risk to go somewhere farther away because if landslide happens you will be stuck in a forgotten hole for an uncertain period of time.

With this t-shirt I wore these hand-made cat-themed earrings that I bought in Belarus too

The lake literally is lousy with fish

Dogs too don't mind the fish food

A red dragonfly. I like a Japanese hokku about this lovely creature
Bright red pepper-pod . . 
it needs but shiny 
wings and look . . . 
Darting dragon-fly! 

A country idyll

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Have a nice day!


  1. Oh, I love the cat theme in your today's outfit. The tee is so marvellous with the cat and the dragonfly.
    It's a nice place the lake and the surroundings. The pic with the cow reminds a bit to an Alpine meadow. You had a wonderful day I see! Have a wonderful week too!
    Sabine xxx

  2. Hi, Olga. I love that tee. And the earrings are absolutely cool. Wow!
    Gee! what a lot of fishes! Looks like you've had a fabulous day.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  3. Wonderful pics Olga, and I just love, love your t-shirt.

  4. Love the outfit! I have a T-shirt with a bulldog applique :) The earrings are so fun too. Lovely walk and pics. Have a nice week too!

  5. Oh, I am a big fan of today's outfit! I have some cat oxfords coming in the mail next week and I am so excited. Maybe I need a cat t-shirt, too!

  6. Love that cat tee, Olga. You look wonderful and feeding the fish looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  7. Being a cat lover myself, you do look cute in the tee shirt. You gotta love anything that has to do with cats! Looks like a fun day enjoying animals and nature. Sweet pictures.

    blue hue wonderland

  8. you look very lovely in the photos!!! Love the cat top and the cat earrings :):):) Also I really like your hair colour!!!!

  9. that whole outfit is adorable but I am in love with that shirt

  10. Ah! It was cute thought to buy the same top with our moms, but sometime they remind us that thing hehe :)
    I love your skirt Olga and the dragonfly is just adorable with the red color.
    and seems you had good time there.

    Thanks for sharing my friend,


  11. Adorable kitty! Love you earrings as well, and as cute as they can be with your skirt and sandals. Thanks so much for bringing us with you on your outing. (I always love it!)

  12. Black cat with a red butterfly on his nose encased in tiny black hearts. This T is adorable on you. I love everything about it. Your face looks alive in the photo with the dogs.

    Barbara @ www.allmylivesnow.com

  13. Nice idea to apply a cat silouette on polka dor print. The little red shade make gourgeus, with fluffy black skirt and the accessoires it is just simpleand great at the same time!

  14. oh gosh i´m a huge cat lover too so of course i adore your super cute kitten shirt;) and i love how you paired it with that maxi skirt!