Going ethnic for Indian handicrafts shopping

This skirt is my recent addition to my wardrobe. I like things in ethnic style and when I saw this skirt on the mannequin in one of the Kathmandu shops I just could't resist to buy it. I already had a skirt with African giraffes on its print, now I have one with Indian elephants.

The problem with such skirts is to find the right top. Here I'm wearing my new skirt with a top that actually belonged to one of my daughters when they lived here with me. It is of ethnic style as well and has elephants in its print too. I don't know why (maybe for pure amusement or maybe it was the designer's creative idea) but the elephants on the front side of the top are placed upside down.

Anyway, I like it this way too and I love the the slit-ed sleeves of it. I added a wooden necklace and Indian bangles to the look and dressed like this headed for the Indian handicrafts charity bazaar.

I really love Indian handicrafts and on events like this there are always many things that catch your eyes. This bazaar was no exception. Big choice of beautiful pottery

My favourite stall - jewelry from Jaipur


Traditional drawings

And that's what I bought there: a clay vase and an embroidered cotton dress from Jaipur

enameled silver ring and earrings; a silk-cotton scarf with amazing print; a set of wooden bangles hand-painted in Madhubani style

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Have a nice day!


  1. Olga, the skirt is wonderful! I love that ethic pattern. I recently found a shop here which sells clothes made in a small handicraft manufacture in India. The clothes delight me with their colors and patterns, and so does our outfit. The top from your daughter is the perfect addition.
    I cannot say which of your buyings I like best. The dress is amazing, I look forward to seeing you in it. Your jewellry is extraordinary and lovely.
    Have a fine Sunday my dear!

  2. oh that outfit is so amazing darling! you look like a bohemian goddess!!!
    have a great evening!

  3. This is perfect Olga. I love the mixed pattern.You are looking so gorgeous. Can't wait to see you wearing the new dress. It's amazing. Love the ring. The scarf is darling.

    Have a lovely Sunday

  4. Love the combining of these two prints. You look like you did some fun shopping. This outfit is perfectly you! You look happy and as though you feel great wearing it. Love that!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. I love the skirt -- the print is pretty unique! And it looks great with the matching top.
    Congrats on your new purchases. The jewelry pieces are so colorful! The pottery is also quite elaborate and beautiful!

  6. WOW!!! You look fantastic in your ethnic look!!! I love your hairstyle as well, very girly and very appropriate for the look. Also I adore the elephant theme in your skirt and the top :).....the Indian bazar looks amazing....I am sure I would have bought there a few things myself....:)....I like what you bought there as well; can't wait to see how you will wear and accessorize them :):):)

  7. You look wonderful, I love your hair in pigtails, too! I adore Indian handicrafts and perusing the markets and exhibitions for something different, you've got me even more excited to return to India now! xxx

  8. Olga, I just love your tribal outfit.
    the linen and craft are delightful, India is unique country. the most is I love the Bollywood movies :)
    I'm sure you really enjoyed to be around in the market and see beautiful treasures there.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Your entire outfit--from the pig tails to the upside-down and rightside-up elephants to the necklace and bangles is so wonderful. The crafts bazaar looks like great fun and you've got yourself some knock-out purchases.
    I love shopping in India and was buying crafts to bring back to the States to sell to raise money for Indian charities for years. I need to get back to South Asia!

  10. Muy bonita la falda, me gustan los estampados etnicos y la blusa también muy linda. Muy bonito todo!!
    Me quedo para seguirte!!!

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