Green-eyed cat t-shirt and my love for cats

Here I am wearing a cat theme t-shirt again. This green-eyed cute "face" just charmed me the moment I saw the t-shirt in the shop. Though the colour of it is not exactly mine I still bought it. So far I've worn this garment two ways: tucked in with the big-pocketed green skirt and loose over the cotton culotte pants.

I have weakness for cat theme things. And it is not only about clothes, I have quite a collection of mugs, toys and figurines, not counting purses, jewelry and stationary items.

As you can guess I have obsession not only with cat theme things but with cats themselves. I brought my first cat home when I was fourteen. Mom was not happy about it but I begged so much that she agreed to keep the animal. At present I have five cats leaving with me (to amusement of our Nepali neibours).

Since that first cat these animals have become part of my life. And I love the whole cat family: lions, tigers, leopards...they are so beautiful and graceful creatures. Really, if I could I would keep one of them at home too.

Yes, my cats do damage furniture, break fragile things and sometimes mark their territory inside the house. But such small things can't spoil the joy and happiness that these animals bring to me.
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  1. 5 cats? I'm jealous! I love cats and would have a houseful if I could! That tee shirt is fantastic and all your cats including Mr Tiger are gorgeous! xxx

  2. i´m a crazy cat lady too;) i looove all my furry darlings, they are part of the family. and wow those pictures of you are absolutely beautiful!!! i love that photo of you as cleopatra with your majestic cat!!! well you are beautiful in all of the pics here! amazing!

  3. Is that a young tiger on the last pic, Olga? You are rather brave!
    I love cats too, they are so relaxed, self-confident and have their own mind.
    Your cat shirt is marvellous, I love how you styled it with the green glasses and the green skirt.
    Sabine xxx

  4. Hi Olga. Another thing we have in common, our love for cats. I too have a cat. I love him to death. He is adorable. OK back to your outfit. Love the tee it's funny and so cute. Love the pendant and your skirt too. Lovely outfit. Cool sunglasses.

  5. Olguita, que lindo; a mi también me gustan mucho los gatos, y en general amo a los animales. La camiseta muy mona, que da bien con la falda verde.

  6. The t-shirt is soo cute. Love it. You have quite a collection of cats :) I do love cats too, although we don't have any pets at the moment. I almost didn't recognize you on the picture where you're wearing an animal-print pants :). Sexy look!

  7. That cat t-shirt is adorable. I especially like it with the green skirt. While I do like cats and just had one visiting for 2 weeks, I'm much more a dog person and have a dog collection like your cat collection. I also have nearly the same line-up of photos from my past, but with me and dogs! You look so beautiful in the Cleopatra-like picture!