Last days in London: exhibitions and dance show

I am back in Nepal. Really enjoyed my time in London. Besides browsing the city's shops I paid a visit to the Museum of London and two interesting exhibitions - Isabella Blow, Fashion Galore at Somerset House and Pearls at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Can't say that Museum of London is one of my favourite museums but there were a few interesting pieces that I am going to show you in the next post. The main reason to visit the Isabella Blow exhibition was my wish to see Philip Treacy creations with my own eyes and from close distance. And man! there was a really large collection of his hats on display, including the famous lobster and butterflies hats. Of course, there was much more to see and admire there: extravagant outfits from Isabella's personal wardrobe, family photographs of her aristocratic upbringing, McQueen's early designs and his Spring Summer 2008 collection dedicated to Isabella after her death.

Considering my interest in jewelry I couldn't miss the Pearls exhibition. There were around 200 pieces of  pearly jewelry and art works, including a necklace given to Marilyn Monroe by Joe DiMaggio in 1954, a pearl-drop earring worn by Charles I at his execution in 1649 and magnificent tiaras worn by European nobility.

I was also invited to the Indian dance show held at the Taj hotel. There were several groups performing Bollywood style dances, all wearing bright colourful costumes. Indian snacks were served and after the show there was a two-hours Christmas discotheque for both the dancers and spectators.

Luckily I had this bright dress with me that suited the event perfectly.

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Hope you're enjoying your time! 


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  2. Oh those hats, just stunning. The pearl exhibition sounds great too - have you seen the jewellery collection in the V&A museum? You'd love it. The Indian dance evening looks wonderfully vibrant and colourful, and yes, you fit right in wearing glorious purple and print! Hope you had a good journey home. xxxx

  3. Gorgeous photos. thx for sharing Olga. Looks like you had a wonderful time in London.
    have a lovely weekend my dear

  4. Those hats are so gorgeous and elegant! You certainly packed a lot into your trip! I love the pictures of the dancers and your pretty tunic. xxx

  5. Hi there! Glad to hear that your trip to London went well. So many new exciting memories! Love both of your outfits. The coat is amazing: elegant and colorful and the tunic is simply gorgeous.

  6. Hello Olga,
    you made the best of your last days in London. How wonderful that you had the chance to see these gorgeous artful hats and to visit dancing show. I am sure it helps a little bit to distracted from the thoughts that you have to leave your lovely daughters.
    You look beautiful in the violet dress and also in the tunic dress. It is so a pretty pattern.
    I hope the cats and your foundling are doing well.
    Have a good time back home.
    Sabine xxx

  7. You look wonderful, your coat suits you very much. I hope you enjoyed London thoroughly, xoxo.

  8. Hi Olga, gosh I love your purple coat and a pink bag, great colors. This coat could hop on over to my closet too! Beautiful design and fit. The hats are amazing and so interesting. Such a pretty floral dress. Looks like you had a great time in London.

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Looks like you had as great a time in London as I'm having. I saw the Isabella Blow show, too, and those Philip Treacy hats were exquisite in design and craftsmanship. That Bollywood evening looks like lots of fun and your purple print dress is a beauty! I love that purple coat, too. I may have missed you mentioning it, but did you get it in London?

  10. Olga, you look AMAZING in this purple coat! The dress is very pretty too. London is my dream! :)