Little red dress

These are last days that I'm wearing sleeves, tights and boots, especially the latter. It is getting too hot for them. The dress is from Monsoon, cotton, very simple and casual, but the red colour makes it a beauty in my opinion. What else I like about it that it has pockets. Here I accessorized it with multi-stoned beads necklace. There are lapis lazuli, garnet, amethyst, tiger eye and some other semi-precious stones in it. It was custom made for me here in Nepal. Didn't cost much considering its length and amount of stones.

Another day I wore the dress differently, with polka dot skinny jeans, a belt and a blue tie that too has polka dot print. And no boots this time.

Which variant do you like better?

Have a nice day!
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  1. Gorgeous dress, I always feel good in a red frock!
    I think I prefer the necklace/tights/boots combination - old school, I know, but classically beautiful! And that really is a stunning necklace. xxx

  2. I agree and about the necklace too. It is beautiful. The red is glorious colour.

  3. Love, love, love it! Love that dress! is it called red scarlet? I love how you styled it - just stunning!

  4. The color of the dress is simply amazing! I love the pockets too! My favorite is the outfit #1. The necklace is so perfect with the dress! Great choice!

  5. Lovely dress! Monsoon make some gorgeous clothes and I often see them in India for a fraction of the price they are here. I love those beads and the way you've accessorised it with the tie utterly rocks! xxx

  6. such a beautiful dress, that color really makes it gorgeous, i love red so much too, i think it looks so great on redheads;) and both ways you styled it are great!

  7. Great looks both of them Olga! I love the wonderful red color of the dress and that the necklace takes it up.
    I still wear boots and tights and hopefully next week can forget about the coat.
    Have a fine week my dear!
    Sabine xxx

  8. Cute dress, I love the color and it looks great both ways. Such a pretty necklace too!

    blue hue wonderland

  9. I like both ways! You look very cute in this dress. The color is beautiful, and pockets add fun! I love the necklace - pretty combination of rocks, I bet it goes with everything! :) The second look is so much fun - very energetic, playful, youthful! Love the tie. So unexspected. You look great, Olga!

  10. I cannot choose, Olga. The two looks are very different and each has its charm. The one with tights and boots is more feminine, while the one with the skinnies is more contemporary. That color suits you very well!

  11. Red is a wonderful colour on you. I prefer the more classical look with the necklace: charming and timeless.

  12. I love it with the tie.
    Do keep in touch, dear Olga.

  13. Hi Olga, the Hi Olga, the red dress is absolutely gorgeous and it's terrific on you! I love the classical look because I'm crazy about gems stones and the necklace is fabulous!
    Have a wonderful day and week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft