Men in uniform (from around the world)

For many women men in uniform are simply irresistible. Psychologists say that the 'uniform' may signify that the man is able to manage life's troubles. We all want those to whom we are attached to be able to stay solid when we are a mess so that we can count on them. It spells safety and security. Whatever the reason I too am a bit weak for the men in uniform. And my today's post will show you some of the uniformed men that I managed to catch with my camera.

This is a Nepalese policeman guarding the entrance to the former King's Palace (now a museum). He is wearing the red-blue-yellow feathers in his beret not because it is spring or because he is in a good mood. The feathers are part of the official uniform. I am not sure to which department these guys belong but usually I saw them at the entrances to such places as Police Headquarters, Police Academy or Royal Palace.

And this is a Gurkha soldier. Those who belong to Gurkha units wear traditional wide brimmed hats.

These guys are from the Gurkha units as well wearing the formal variant of the uniform.

Another guy guarding the Royal Palace, this time not in Nepal but in Thailand.

Traffic police guy from Sri Lanka

From Asia to Europe. I think this uniform is easily recognizable - a Buckingham Palace guard

Another guard from the Buckingham Palace. This one looks much more serious than the previous one. Though less picturesque of course.

Another uniformed guy from London - a trooper of the Household Calvary.

And finally, officers from Belarus. Preparing for the official ceremony at the Victory Square, Minsk.


  1. What a fantastic collection! I love this. Can't beat a man in uniform. x

  2. You do have a soft spot for men in uniform, Olga - look what a collection you have gathered! The first photo is striking, and I had to smile it when you said that the feathers are there not because he is in a good mood. :)))

  3. oh yes i´m one of the many woman who loves men in uniform. i love that incredible collection here!

  4. Oh, dear Lady! I also have a weakness for men in uniform ... these pictures are a gift for my eye! hehe

  5. Great pictures! My favorite is a Nepalese policemen :) His beret has colorful feathers!!! :)

  6. Nice collection! My ex worked for an airline (not as a pilot, but still) and when he wore his uniform, I indeed found him extra attractive.


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