Tattoo Convention: dress and accessories

This weekend the 4th International Tattoo Convention has being held here in Kathmandu. There are over 100 professional tattoo artists from 22 different countries at the event, so anybody who has dreamed about getting a tattoo by an artist from Japan, UK, Italy, France, USA, India can easily do that just by coming at the Convention, they all are there in one place. I have no plans of getting a tattoo yet but I did go to the gathering. Actually, this year it was my second time. The first time I attended the Convention two years ago. I see tattooing as a form of art, I enjoy looking at different designs that people inked on their bodies. I know many are still prejudiced against the tattooed persons, they associate them with criminals and violence. Historically tattooing was indeed done by criminals, sex workers or sailors. But it is not like this any more. Though some guys did look a bit tough there was not the slightest hint of rudeness in their behavior. All were polite, smiley, friendly. Nobody objected to being photographed.
At such event you expect at least some people would be dressed and accessorized a bit differently. Below are a few photographs of interesting outfits and accessories that I caught with my camera. And here what I wore for the Convention: black skinnies, a tiger print t-shirt and a hand-made bracelet-and-ring set.

Now, have a look at the participants and visitors of the Nepal Tattoo Convention, with accent on their dress and accessories, not tattoos.

These two guys I remember from my first visit. Here they are, two years back, posing for a photo with a Nepali. The guys are from the UK.

Have a nice day!


  1. My friend Olga, I adore your appreciation to every culture-fashion include tattoo - I learned once in my college that the history started from the African, but sometimes I dont feel comfort to see many tattoos hehe - you're just very open minded in culture and I love it :)
    Thanks for sharing - it looks your outfit mathced with your look and I just love the black skinnies.

  2. Did my comment just disappear? Second attempt:

    What an interesting post! Wished I could have been there!

    Fantastic pics of all those cool and eccentric people! And you looked fab yourself as well.

    Now show us the tats, please!!!

  3. wow so lucky u made it there, i couldn't go there . :(

  4. How interesting! I am intrigued by people with multiple tattoos (having just the one small one myself!) and particularly by the facial ones, it takes a very particular sort of person to go for that.
    You look like a glamorous rock chick, Olga - love your hair curly like that! xxx

  5. Loving the rock chick look on you and, like Curtise, am interested to people who chose to ink their faces. xxx

  6. Olga, with your outfit you are matching perfectly in this world of fantastic pictures and paintings. Cute from tip to toe!
    You took great pictures at the convention! I love such an event and always get inspired by new motives for my next tatoo. Maybe such lovely little flowers like the man with the grey undershirt.
    Thank you for sharing such an interesting time and place.
    Sabine xxx

  7. Perfect outfit for this kind of event. I cannot believe some people have tattoos on their face :)